Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ok, not to seem like self-pity, but here goes . . .

You know it always seems like a break in school and the every day going to school, teaching, and normal routine are the times that are most relaxing, but at the same time the most introspective for me.

Please do not feel that I am self pitying myself here or anything, but I have been thinking alot about the recent past (The last 3-4 years, since I graduated from college in May 2005 anyway) and it is amazing how the Lord has brought me to this place. College was an awesome time for me. I had alot of close friends, many that I felt really close to and could share anything and then May 2005 came and I was seemingly ripped out of that place with such good friendships and they have been reduced to facebooks friends. Don't getme wrong, I am glad that I have been sent on the journey of life that I am currently on, it is the Lord's will, but I regret not having been able to cultivate some of the relationships that I had in college. If you are one of my good college buddies reading this right now . . . I am missing you all right now.

After college I embarked on what I see in retrospect as a naive conquest to "follow the Lord". What I thought then to be a year to "Do the Lord's will, serve Him and the people of South Czech" turned into 11 months of being a burden to the very people that I came to serve, meeting my future wife, and stumbling upon the next stage in my life. In the process I realized that while God seemed to have used my naivete for his own work (what I have no idea) it is better for us to go into missions knowing full well that a.) we are going to serve a real need, not a misperceived need. b.) To go where we are called and to know in our hearts why we are there. I know for certain that the Lord has brought us here to Austria to minister to international students in a Christian school setting. How do I know this? Well, mainly due to how at home we both feel amongst the students. It truly is like a big family and we have a huge desire to care for these family members, our students. There are days believe you me that we feel like we are in the wrong place, but thats just Satan whispering in our ears when we are tired and a bit down trodden.

So to wrap this post up . . . . (I actually finished this a week or so after starting) I guess I come to the point that we do feel a sense of peace here. It is a really strange but wonderful thing to know that we are smack dab in the middle of the Lord's ever loving and caring, all-knowing hand. Until next time take care and live victorious.

BBT Reynolds

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