Thursday, February 12, 2009

Facebook . . .

Hey all,

I thought I would just put a little plug in for facebook on here.

You might have noticed recently that we are posting less and less pictures on the blog here and this is mainly due to it being way easier for us to upload them to facebook.

For those of you not in on the facebook phenomenon it is an extremely useful online database of networking tools that can be used for everything from photo and video sharing to online chat, messaging, and blogging. It is all for free and it is AMAZING. The way it works is you can sign up for free by going to and you set up your profile and add some basic information about yourself, its totally customizable to what you prefer. The security on it is excellent, it lets you make yourself as public as you prefer. Betka and I are both on there individually and once you are on facebook people can add you as a friend, then you either choose to confirm their friendship on facebook or not. It has been excellent for us to be connected to peple this way. They even have a set up where you can have new comments and messages on facebook sent to your email address. This is definitely becoming something that is bridging the generation gap as both my mother-in-law and mother hae facebook pages. All of Betka's and my friends from the States and Czech are on and we can message and share pictures and video . . . it really makes you feel more connected to those that you know and aren't able to be with at the moment.

Anyway thats the end of my rant on facebok and I end it with a very strong recomendation that you go and get a facebook page if you have not already. Its all free and you can do as much with it as you want. Add me and Betka and you will then have access to all the pictures hat we upload of Tobi and our time here in Europe. Thats all, get a facebook and we'll see you on there!

The crazy world of facebook does not mean that we are abandoning this blog, some of you might have thought so what with only 2 posts in 2 months. I have been thinking about why it is that I (Brian) have been so terrible about writing on here and really it comes down to this: I am much, much more busy with actual teaching time and that has meant less blogging time . . . so, I am truly sorry and will try to blog more, but it just will not be happening during school hours.

Until next time . . . Tschuss!:)

BBT Reynolds

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