Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday plans . . .

Hey all,

We now have a general idea of what we will be doing for our holidays here in Europe.

School is out at noon tomorrow until the 7th of January when we resume. Betka, Tobi, and I will leave for a Czech Christmas on December 22, then return to Vienna to get my mother from the airport on the 26th. Betka's parents will be driving their new car to Vienna to get us and take us "home for the holidays" . . . this means that we will celebrate on the 24th like true Europeans!:)
That also means church in Valtice on the 25th.

When my mom gets here on the 26th we will most likely stay in Wien for the New Year. We will have a big New Year's party at our place. Currently we have almost 10 people that have said they will be there. It will be awesome as you can see the entire city from our 7th story apartment (See images below, views from our living room)

The my mom goes back to the US on the 3rd and we have a couple more days left until school resumes.

That about sums up our plans for the holidays . . . Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a really blessed holiday season to all of you wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ out there. Be blessed!:)

Brian, Betka, and Tobi

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Merry Christmas and Advent Season . . .

Merry Christmas everyone . . . this is December 10t on our library's Advent calendar.


Elementary school . . .

Hey all,

Thought I would jot a quick note to share a website that our elementary kids are working with.



Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hmmm . . . Happy Thanksgiving?

Hey all,

Just want to recount the events of the past week to give you a little glimpse of what our life is like here in Vienna at this point in the school year.

Last week, the week before Thanksgiving break, we had one actual full day of school for the whole school. Tuesday was a half day for the elementary school and Wednesday was a half day for the secondary students. Wednesday was also parent/teacher conferences for the whole school. We had Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving break. (It is important to note that Thursday and Friday are normal days for the Austrians.)

My wife came in to school at noon on Wednesday and told me that the power was out at home. So after school we hung out in the dark and tried to figure out what the problem was, finally coming to the conclusion that it was just our apartment and it had been shut off. This was when we remembered a little slip of paper that a man had given Betka back on November 12th. At the time she and I didn’t think it was all that important and in fact thought it really weird that the man showed up at 7:30AM. Turns out on this little slip of paper it read that we needed to show up in person at the Wien Energie customer service place downtown to sign the contract before the 18th of November in order to continue service. I had written this slip of German writing as non-important and failed to see the bold fine print where this information was located . . . sooooo to make a long story short, we had to go downtown and then set up an appointment at the earliest time yesterday between 7 and 10AM. We had no power for all of Thanksgiving Break!!!

So as of yesterday we were actually able to cook and keep food in our own apartment. Thanks be to God that we had other options in the form of our neighbors that we were able to cook our meals and do things past 5:00PM (When it gets dark) all break. The result of the break, a time that was supposed to be nice an relaxing, is that I am feeling very run down and tired. You can also add to the fact that Tobi has something wrong right now in that he has 2 white spots on his gums and seems to be in pain. We think it might be teething because he is 4 months old, but it could also be something else. We took him to the doctor yesterday and he said that we should wait a week and then see whats happened. If the white spots are still there after a week then we are supposed to bring him in again.

On top of this all we are trying to figure out how to transfer funds from our American bank account to our Austrian account. The bank we now have in the States, National City, has been a real pain in trying to set up a monthly withdrawal. basically they will not allow me to set one up to take out a specific amount every month . . . they want me to call before taking it out. So now not only do I have to call in advance, after 2:00PM our time, but I have to take a 40 minute round trip downtown to have the money transferred . . . I know it seems like I am complaining, but it is just life right now. Please pray for my sanity and that we will weather this turbulent time with the Grace of Christ.

Thank you in advance for your prayers!

Brian, Betka, and Tobi