Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Moving DONE . . . well mostly.

So our move to the
22nd district in Vienna from the 2nd is finally done. All but our washing machine is in the new place.

Our new home address in Vienna is as follows:

Meistergasse 4/1/30
A-1220 Wien, Austria

This new place has a separate room for Tobi and we also have a guest bed in that room so if you ever find yourself in the Vienna area and need a place to crash for the night . . . let us know!:)
We are supremely blessed to have this new home. We have some pictures to share with you all from the moving time. We look forward to your visit if you ever can . . .but for now . . . a virtual tour. . .

Above: An avalanche of boxes . . . we can't wait to get rid of them.
Below: Betka is pooped after organizing our "library" and various other shelves.

Above: Another view of my lovely wife and our new sitting/living room.
Below: through our arched hallway facing the front door of our apartment.

Above: Betka in front of our "wall of boxes", Below: The view from where Betka is in the first picture down our hallway. Tobi's room is the first on the right, our's is at the end.

Above: Our super kitchen.
Below: Brian & Tobi enjoying the use of our kitchen table.

Overall it has been an excellent choice to move here . . . we have other VCS staff members close at hand, we have plenty of space, and it is very close to school. Obviously the only drawback, which I have come to realize is a necessary evil, is that our rent went from 480 Euro a month including verything to 800 Euro a month not including electricity. Please be in prayer as to how the Lord might use you to help us stay in this wonderful place and to meet our monthly needs. We are so blessed to be in this place. Hopefully we will be freed up to be more of a blessign to those around us now that the space situation is solved. Thanks guys and girls!:)

B, B, & T

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