Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Election funny . . .

So . . .I was reading a fellow teacher's blog today about the election. She apparently held a mock election the day of the real election and that generated much discussion. One of her students (a second grader) said something hilarious. Here is the excerpt from her blog:

"I just have to throw this little comment in, for laughs. My swing voter, an 8-year-old Filipino boy named K.D., was talking to another teacher about the election, and here's what he said,"I know Rock Obama - he's the President!" (Not yet, says the teacher). "I know he's not yet, but he will be - he's got enough electric boats to win!" Gotta love childhood."

So Mr. Rock Obama . . . you are the next President of the United States . . . we are all praying for you . . . thats pretty much all we can do!:) have a good one everybody!:)

B, B, & T

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