Monday, November 10, 2008

The address was wrong . . . hold the phones!:)

The address I gavce was a bit wrong . . . thanks to Telekom Austria, our phone service provider we realized that the address that we posted last time is actually wrong.

Our CORRECT address at home is:

Meistergasse 4/1/30
A-1210 Wien, Austria

If you send something to the other address it might or might not get to us. The address that is fool proof is:

Wagramerstrasse 175/Panethgasse 6a
A-1220 Wien, Austria

Thats our school address . . . it will get to us for sure if you send it there.

Hopefully you did not send anything to the wrong address . . . sorry for the confusion.

We are currently living out of our new apartment. Sometime this week we will close with the former landlord and do our "Melding" which is the notification of the Austrian authorities as to our location in the city. "Anmelding" and "Abmelding" needs to be done when one leaves the country for an extended amount of time and/or when they change addresses in the city.

The details of our move are pretty much taken care of. The only thing we have left is a prefectly good washing machine that we need to sell . . . so if you live in Vienna and know of someone that needs a 2 year old washer let us know!:)

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