Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New apartment thoughts . . .

Hey all,

Just thought I would update as to how the moving process is going and what we can use prayer for.

On Sunday Betka and I took down our nice an comfortable bed and for the past three nights and the rest of the time until we move we will be sleeping on mattresses on the floor of our living room. It sure isn't comfortable and it is a constant reminder of how badly I can't wait to finally move. We have started packing various things that we will not be using in the next week. Our final moving plan goes as follows . . . Friday, October 24, we will "inspect" the apartment as it is being repainted and fixed up this week and we will get the keys from our landlord. That same day we will head to CZ for our fall break. We will have Monday the 27th and Tuesday the 28th off for our fall break and then we will return to Vienna on Tuesday evening to really start the actual physical moving of our stuff, starting Wednesday the 29th after school with the actual physical move. So if all goes according to plan we should be entirely moved in by Thursday the 30th of October. Our landlord will sign the lease with us in the first week of November and is really laid back as to how to proceed with that.

Our one concern with this all is that we need to put three month's rent down as a deposit. That means we need to come up with 2400Euro/$3100 to deposit. Our landlord is again very understanding of our situation and has offered to spread that out along 3 months. So basically we will be paying twice the amount of rent for the first 3 months with the possibility of getting the deposit back after we are finished with the apartment. amazingly we are seeing how the Lord is going to provide us with the needed funds. If you are feeling the Lord leading you to help us out with moving expenses please send your contribution in to RCE. Contact us for more details.

Be blessed all!

B, B, & T in Wien

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Anonymous said...

Hey Reynolds family!

I've been thinking about you guys lately. I hope your move-in is going/went well! :-)