Monday, October 20, 2008

Hey all,

The following are clips that a friend of ours shot with our camera on Tobi's dedication Sunday at the International Chapel of Vienna where we have ended up attending here in Wien. Enjoy the videos!

Tobi was wonderful and hardly made a sound. The screaming that you hear is the pastor's youngest son Eli who happened to be the unhappy baby in the congregation that morning. Sorry these are a week late, but they are finally on here!:)

Love you guys,
B, B, & T


Mom said...


Thanks for posting these videos. I sat enthralled throughout them all! Loved to see 'my Tobi' during this dedication.

So, he was quiet and good through the whole public presentation - unlike his dad (that would be you!) during his baptism. Do you remember your Dad's story of your baptism?????

Love ya, Mom

jdayton said...

Tobi seems like such a great little guy! Betka, you look beautiful. I'm so glad I got to know you two while I was there this summer. You are two great people. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Glad I checked in to see what the news was. Nice to be part of his dedication from here. I've sent a contribution to RCE this week. Hope it gives you a little cushion for the days to come. We serve an awsome God. Love to you all. Grammie Dee