Wednesday, October 15, 2008

9 days until operation "new home" initiates . . . .

Hey all,

As you can tell there are only 9 days until we are able to start moving in to our new apartment. 9 days? You might ask, well, on the 24th the landlord is going to show us as one final inspection before we would sign the contract. For this landlord however, this means that we can have the keys and begin moving in even before the contract is signed. So . . . a week from this Friday we will be able to start moving things in.

This means that we are now really starting to pack things up. It is strange contemplating moving from the place that has been all you have known in a particular place. I lived in Vienna as a single man in our current apartment, I was a newlywed in this current apartment. Betka and I went though preparations of having a little one and then welcoming him home to our apartment. It has truly been like home for us. It will be sad to say good bye to it. Where we are moving though is so much better, its just going to be very different!:) We will be within an easy walking distance from school, we will have every shop imaginable within 10 or 15 minutes walking and we are going to be around many of our friends.

Please remember us in prayer as we try to figure out all the details of this move. A specific prayer would be how the finances are going to work out. We can afford the monthly rent and we think after roughly guestimating, that with the deposit we will be able to afford that too, but we are a bit nervous. Also you can be in prayer that we would get all of our deposit back from our current landlord. Over the last 2 years there have been some damages that could lead them to keep some or all of the deposit . . .please pray that we would get all 960 Euro back and that there would be no hurt feelings between us and our landlord. Thank you in advance for praying. Bless you all.

B, B, & T

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