Monday, September 08, 2008

Whats on the horizon . . .

Hey there dearest support family!

I thought I'd take a chance to share whats on the horizon for us, The Reynolds, here in Vienna.

First off, we would like to really thank all of you for your continued support and prayer through the last year and some months as Betka and I have started sharing our life together, and for the two years before that when I was a missionary by myself. It has been relayed to us that many people read this and aren't commenting . . .this is wonderful though we would love to read more comments from all of you "readers". Our blog is meant not only as a way for us to relay whats happening in our life here in Vienna, but also as a sounding board to voice what you think about what we're going through, what the Lord is currently teaching you, and a way of encouraging us and whomever might read our blog among other things.

So what is on the horizon? . . . Well, first of all, we are not planning on returning to the States for the coming holidays. I know that we have said we would, but it turns out that a trip for Betka, me, and the little one will run us upwards of $3000 and it seems to us to be a much better investment to wait until summer 2009 to return and visit all of you that I am sure are dying to see us, Tobi and catch up on things. So the way it stands now, short of someone making it possible for us to financially be able to travel back for the holidays, is that we will stay here in Europe for Christmas and New Year's. Please know that this was a very hard decision to come to because we really want Tobi to meet all of you, but it makes a whole lot more sense to wait until we will have the money. I hope you will all understand. So that being said . . .please plan on us being Stateside in June and July of next summer, 2009. We are alreaady making plans . . .sort of!:)

As far as things go here we are getting back into the swing of things. Betka will resume teaching her lessons, most of them, this week. She will drop the morning lessons and will only have 5 or 6 students this year as opposed to 11 last year. We really want her to have time with me and Tobi and not completely burn out just for some extra cash. As far as financial things go . . .we are hopefully going to do much better this school year. The school, as part of a plan to extend the longevity of staff has offered a small incentive program to those of us committing to 4 years. We have made this commitment to stay at VCS for another 4 years so every month Vienna Christian School will contribute the money that we usually pay for health insurance, plus a small portion for the main staff member, their spouse and up to three children. For us this has greatly affected how we are financially. We are not fully supported still, but we are definitely getting by with a wider margin at the end of the month. please continue to pray that the school would continue to be blessed that they will be able to continue to bless us in this way.

One thing you might be asking yourself . . "Do they still need my donations?" The answer is yes we do. Ideally, in a perfect worl, missionaries would have no problems getting airfare to go back once a year or to have enough extra money to go on a family vacation or to even support other missionaries that are in need. We are nowhere near that level so please please please continue to send in what you do. Every little bit matters. We pray for all of you. God blessyou folks!:)

Brian, betka, and Tobi Reynolds

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