Thursday, September 18, 2008

Please remember our family in prayer . . .

Hey all,

This day started out with very sad news from my dad's side of the family. My cousin Bill Reynolds, my dad's brother's only son, lost his newborn son Conner this past Monday. Their email was as follows:

Our son, Connor Charles was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy a couple of weeks ago. This affected his ability to suck, swallow, and breathe on his own. He needed ventilator support from the day he was born as his lungs were just not strong enough to independently support himself. I am sad to say that Connor passed away on Monday, September 15th.

Please, please, please keep the Reynolds die of our family in your prayers. Connor was going to be my uncle's first grandson. It seems that the Lord wanted to be with him sooner than usual. Betka and I are really heartbroken for my cousin and his wife. Please help us remember them in prayer the coming days as they come to grips with the reality of losing a loved one. Thanks in advance for all your prayers. Be blessed!:)

Brian, Betka, and Tobi

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admin said...

You don't know me but I saw your blog and I wanted to let you know how sad I was to hear about your cousins baby and wanted you to know that your family is in my prayers. I have a 3 year old with congenital myotonic dystrophy who was also on a ventilator from birth. My daughters birth was the catalyst for my involvement in a new organization for families with myotonic dystrophy called the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation: Please send our thoughts and prayers to your cousin and his wife from our family and the foundation.

God Bless,

Lisa Vittek