Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer update . . .

Just a quick note about how we are doing financially . . . As far as our RCE missionary account is concerned we are not in the negative. This summer was a complete step of faith for us financially (not that any other time isn't) but we started the summer expecting our child and increasing our monthly "salary" to compensate for Betka's loss of income during the summer. I ( Brian) was certain at the beginning of the summer that we would be in the negative at the end of August, but the Lord has come through yet again! After June, July, & August we are not in the negative . . . in fact we ended this summer "in the desert" with a bout a $400 surplus. The Lord truly does provide what we need . . . why do we even doubt!?!?!? Praise the Lord!

On another note, we are continually praying that the Lord would bring us a different apartment that is a little bigger to house our family that is now one person bigger. Betka and I were discussing that the space in our little 50 meters squared apartment are feeling a little more cramped now with Tobi sharing the living space. Its livable but we are seriously searching for a new place. Please join with us specifically in praying for a new apartment that is insanely low priced. Here are the specifics of what we are looking for:

~65-90 meters squared
~3 rooms (Means living room and 2 bedrooms.)
~Preferably the first or lower floor so that there isn't a too high risk of a little crawler falling out the window.
~Unfurnished except for kitchen, like stove and oven, etc. (We have amassed all the furnishings that we need for other rooms, thanks to the Lord.)
~Total rent per month including utilities = 750 EURO maximum (We now pay 480)

We have seen how the Lord has provided and answered our prayers before when we were very specific when coming to Him and asking so please lift us up in this matter with the previous stated specifics.

The one time this summer where Betka and I really felt the Lord saying "Told you I am almighty and can do anything if you just ask me." was when we prayed that He would help Tobi be born. We prayed right before going to sleep at 10:30 PM on Sunday July 27th that Tobi would come if that was the Lord's timing and sure enough at 1:00A the 28th Betka's water broke and he was born 11 hours later. What an AWESOME God we serve . . . just ask Him really!:)

Anyway, we are so grateful for your continued prayers and ask that you continue to financially support and uplift us prayerfully this week as we see students, some we have met and others that will meet us for the first time this week. Blessings to all of you and may Christ keep you!:)

Brian, Betka, & Tobi

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