Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer time . . .

Hey all,

We are still waiting. Betka's due date is only a week away and she is feeling great . . .Praise the Lord!

We went to the doctor Monday night at 6 and he recommended that Betka go get a fetal well-being scan and fetal heart monitoring done. He was able to schedule us for immediate appointments at the hospital where we plan to deliver immediately following our appointment with him. From his exam he told us that Betka was not really that close to delivery, but that this meant not in the next couple of days. His only concern, was a little one, was that the baby is pretty big and she is pretty small. He wasn't freaking out, but he wanted to get a more definite estimate than what his machine showed. So we went over to the hospital and they did the scan. The baby is VERY healthy and strong, but he is already almost 4 Kilos (3.8 Kilo is roughly 8.2 lbs.) So they did the tests and they sent them to our doctor and our next appointment is for Thursday afternoon. We got back last night around 9:30 so it was a very eventful night. We kind of got the feeling that we will be discussing the delivery more imminently the next time we see Dr. Husslein. We can use your prayers as this gets more and more real and the nerves start to come. We really appreciate it! :)

On another note, we have been doing some things to keep busy and we have some new pictures to share with you . . .

Above:Donald Miller says in his book Through Painted Deserts, that "No, life can be understood flat on a page. It has to be lived; a person has to get out of his head, has to fall in love, has to memorize poems, has to jump off bridges into rivers . . ." Well, one day we did just that we went with a few of our friends/colleagues and rented paddle boats for an hour on the Alte Donau River. Halfway through our time my friend and I stopped and got out of the boats and decided to jump off the bridge. It was one of the most random things I have ever done and it was a blast!:)

Above & Below: We were also at another friends house on the same Alte Donau and I went swimming again and we grilled out, something we never really get to do. I think one doesn't realize how much they enjoy something like grilling until they can no longer do it whenever they like.

Above: This is a beautiful Viennese sunset from the window of another of our friends that invited us over for dinner. What a blessing!:)

Above and Below: Here are some pics of the construction site. They are a couple weeks behind schedule but are working really hard. Before school starts at the end of August they will install a new elevator, replace the roof, and cut a new door in the art room and make a corner of the room into a handicap bathroom. Also the other pics are the before pictures of my volunteer project that I am doing for the school this summer. The kids had been continually getting splinters on the wooden parts of the playground so I have sanded them down, put putty in the deep cracks, and I am attempting to seal the cracks, preventing splinters, and preserving the playground equipment for generations to come. Check back later for more pics.

As for pictures of our baby boy please keep checking back . . .we will post them as soon as we have some. Should be soon. Be blessed ya'll!:)

Brian & Betka & T _ _ _ _ _

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Anonymous said...

Hi B&B&b
Glad to hear all is progressing well. My 1st was 8#15 and 3 weeks late so babies come when they are ready. Even big, he will seem tiny for a while. Loved the pictures and will keep checking for more. Yex, I have noticed that doing something you haven't been able to do for a while is a blessing and a good reminder. Love to you all, Dee