Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer happenings . . .

Hey all,

Just thought I'd add a little update as to what all is going on in the life of the Reynolds in Wien, Austria.

As you might or might not know . . . school is out for the summer and we are right smack dab in the middle of the summer that has come to be known as "the desert" to at least me (Brian). Going into this summer Betka and I had absolutely no idea how we would have the money to eat this summer. Usually our food money comes from Betka teaching violin lessons and she is not currently teaching those. When the summer started officially on June 13th for us, we had no idea how the Lord would provide for us this summer . . . we could not travel to the States to visit as usual and that is one way that we can usually help provide, but the Lord seemed to not want us to go there because Betka is pregnant. Also there are no music lessons during the summer so we have lost that income. I (Brian) am available to work at the school doing maintenance and so forth, but they are not allowed by Austrian law to pay me as a worker as that would mean I would need a special work permit. So basically upon returning to Vienna from our one week vacation at Betka's parents we were looking at staying in Vienna the rest of the summer with basically no guaranteed income.

With that said let me tell you all how the Lord is really really blessing us despite all that looked so glum just a couple weeks ago. I had been sort of a back up choice for tutoring for some of the kids that needed extra help this summer. I hadn't heard too much about this possibility so we basically counted it as something that could be a blessing but we did not bank on it. So when I returned to school a week ago yesterday we had planned that I would help out at school as much as I could, if I got some tutoring students, fine, but our building manager said that he could use any help I could give. So basically all last week I worked from 8-4 each day not really expecting any compensation knowing that the Lord would provide it in some other way. During that week I had started talking to the teacher that is heading up the tutoring program and she said that she needed help with some students . . .she couldn't handle all of them due to the fact that a couple teachers that had planned to tutor had decided not to. So to make a really long story short she has passed on 5 students to me and I will start tutoring tomorrow for a total of 5 hours tomorrow and then next week a total of 9 hours at 15 Euro an hour. Praise the Lord! It is entirely His doing and all it took was the belief that the Lord would provide for us. Please continue to pray for us this summer as it isn't guaranteed income and a student could stop tutoring whenever the parents want to. However we have been greatly encouraged not only by the new income, but by the continued support and kind words we have received during this difficult time as well.

In other news, we are still awaiting the birth of our son. We went to the doctor the Monday we got back from Czech and he said everything looks good and the baby and mother are doing well. Yesterday we went to IKEA and got our crib so we are finally ready for this little guy to come into the world. Our plans for when the baby is born is to send out one really big email to everyone we know and then post extra pictures and possibly video on our blog as soon as we get a chance. We realize that life will be crazy but it is a really strong desire of ours to share the life of our son with all of you loved ones miles and miles away.

Please remain in prayer for us here in this community in Vienna, your prayers really do make a difference in our lives and without them we could not do the work that we do. One of our secretaries had her nephew pass away this weekend and we are still reeling from the many deaths that we have had in our VCS family this past year. With the Lord's grace we can be a gracious community. We have seen it at work this year and pray that our students' lives would be transformed by their experience with the living God.

Until next time ya'll . . . Danke for your prayers and supprt and have a really blessed week! :)

Brian & Betka & _ _ _ _ _ _ Reynolds

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