Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Still Waiting . . .

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that we are still waiting on the birth of our son. We are now only 12 days away from Betka's due date and she is really feeling ready to "get this little guy out". We are truly ready to greet him and welcome him into this world.

We were asked a couple days ago "What would you do if it came out and was a girl?" Well, we would be shocked, but it would still be a blessing. We would probably get a new doctor . . . he has showed us on numerous occasions that it will be a boy and to be honest our entire wardrobe is for a boy. That would be the shock of a lifetime. memorable stories to say the least. We are very thankful for your continued prayers throughout this pregnancy and upcoming delivery.

On another note, I checked airfare prices to get, me, Betka, and the baby "home" to the States this coming holiday and tickets for Betka and myself are running over $1000 a piece. Please be in prayer for us that the Lord would provide the need financial support to not only keep us here in Vienna but also to travel. It is starting to look like its going to be an expensive trip to the States this winter!! Thanks so much all of you for continuing to uplift us in prayers and support. We are very grateful. Be blessed this day and those to come!:)

Brian & Betka & T _ _ _ _

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