Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vacation time . . .

So now that the school year is over . . ."vacation time" starts. Last Friday we left to spend some time in south Czech Republic with Betka's family in Lednice. Right before we went we took some pictures of our apartment as it is now, and also some of the surrounding atmosphere in Vienna. We have been busy documenting pics of her 8th month belly as well so here are some of the pictures! :)

Below: For the Euro 2008 Vienna put this image of a goalie on the big ferris wheel near our apartment. It is really funny to see his big arms turning around as the wheel turns.

Above: This is part of our living room. When we have guests we move the dining room table so the bed can fold out of the wall unit!
Below: The rest of our sitting room. Betka has really made it into a home.

Above: School is finally over for 2007-2008! Relaxing after putting all my classroom furniture into the middle.
Below left: Beautiful flowers in the Sykora family's garden.
Below right: My beautiful bride the mother-to-be!

Below: A great black and white of the garden shed by their house.

Above: A cat nap.
Below left: Beautiful flowers in the yard. Below right: another great blackand white of the Sykora's back yard.

That's all for now folks. Hopefully we will upload more as the summer keeps going. We return to Vienna this Sunday afternoon and will spend the rest of the summer there until our baby boy is born then we'll see when we return to Czech. Could be some time until our next visit! :) Bessings all! :)

B and B and Baby Reynolds


Mom said...

Brian and Betka,

I love the pictures! Betka you are beautiful :) The garden pics of the Martin and Marinka's house are great. The B&W is a nice touch. Of course, I love the flowers too.

Thanks for sharing these glimpses of your life.

Love you both, oops all, Mom

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures also. It is such a nice reminder of my favorite places. Betka, you look wonderful. Only a few more weeks so go. Hope the last pkg found you. My family has returned to Japan and to Fla. so things are very quiet here. Have a great visit with your family.
Love, Dee

Anonymous said...

Hi kids,'Got your postcard on Sat. Wonderful addition to my collection. Thanks so much. Dee