Monday, June 09, 2008

This past weekend was really great . . . not only did the Czech national soccer team beat Switzerland, but we also had a really blessed time giving the 6th grade class a going away party.

As I think I have said before we have alot of kids leaving for good this year and they are many of the really outgoing kids from the class. Each and every one of them means alot to us and we will truly miss those that are leaving. The following pictures are from our wonderful weekend. There were tears, there were hugs, there were good friends saying good byes, there was even a crazy American that broke a chair (that was me by the way . . . it was an accident.)

Above: The 6th grade girls. It has been wonderful to see them grow closer as friends and also as their faiths have grown and they have begun the journey to young adulthood. We have been blessed to be in ministry with them.

Below: The group of 6th graders that are leaving. Amongst the group is one girl going to Namibia, 2 to New York, and another to Qatar, the guy isn't sure if he will be leaving or not, but if he leaves VCS he will still be in Vienna. The cake says "Auf Wiederseyen".

Above: I got to be chief griller just by chance and seeing as how none of the other adults were jumping at the chance. I had fun, but it was a ton of meat with not so much grill space. We had a BYOM (Bring your own meat) party. Some kids forgot their grilling meat so we were amazed that the Lord blessed us through very generous hosts. every kid had something to eat whether or not they remembered to bring something.

Below: Making some grub . . . lets see we had hot dogs, hot dogs, kase krainers, chicken, peppers, and more hot dogs! :)

Above right: Mmmmm Kase Krainer!

Below: We even played volleyball . . . not a single rule, but we had fun! This was all possible due to the fact that our Lord didn't let it rain too much and the family that hosted has a huge yard.

Above: Betka reading her part of the Bible verses that on of the adults had prepared that dealt with ho we really are in Christ.

Below: Me reading my part.

Above right: I tried to drive the point home for the kids that even though they are saying good bye that it isn't forever and that our Lord is with them wherever they might be. The kids really seemed to be taking it in and I felt I was able to really convey what has been on my heart lately. Please continue praying for this class with us. We have grown so close this year. It was a really blessed time.

This past weekend was really exciting for us because Saturday marked the beginning of the EURO Cup 2008 for European Soccer. The reason why it is such a big deal is because Austria and Switzerland are the co-host countries and there are games every day for the whole month of June in every major city in Austria and that includes Vienna. Basically this Europe wide soccer tournament is going to finish at a stadium that is literally a 20 minute walk from our apartment. Needless-to-say the excitement of the people in the city and the multiple thousands visiting is electrifying. Betka and I went to the rathaus downtown to the mile of fenced in fan zone to watch, on one of many big screens, Czech play the Swiss national team. Czech won 1-0! Anyway, you can get more information on the tournament, more specifically the fan zone by checking this link.

Bless you all,
Brian & Betka

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Love the grilling shots - your dad would be proud!!

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