Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday walk in Wien and other Reynolds life things . . .

The following pictures are from our weekend that really kind of started last Thursday when our school had family fun day. This was a day where all the students were required to show up at the Danube Park for a fun day of relaxation, games, and food with their teachers and other staff. It counted as a school day and was a blast! I had three types of Kimbap, a korean sushi minus the fish and wrapped in seaweed.

Above: This is a view from the Vienna International Center stop on public. It shows, I think, how great the Viennese have been at installing public transportation over the river and through bridges. I just love how the train curves down and under the bridge.

Above: Another belly pic from our walk yesterday at the Schonbrunn palace. Betka is still very active as another of our pictures will show. She is walking alot and it is really hard to even believe that she is starting her 8th month already! :)

Above and Below: We went to the maze at Schonbrunn. Its only 3 Euro to get in and is really neat. Our favorite part was the mirror section.

Below: Betka had fun with this silly thing. When you rock the platform to the left it squirted water up really high. I think it was meant for kids, but we really enjoyed it! :)

Anyway, thats about it for pictures right now.

School is absolutely crazy right now due to construction going on in about 1/3 of our building. I was told today that I will more than likely have to move out of the art room and do that last couple of weeks as a mobile art teacher. Obviously this would complicate my life alot, but in these crazy times flexibility is key! Please pray for the Lord to give me amazing flexibility in the coming weeks as I will most certainly need it. This summer is going to be very out-of-the-ordinary so please, please, please have patience with us and our usual bloggings. We will try to keep it as regular as usual. It will take much more effort for me to check email and blog and so forth, but we will do our best. We plan on sending out a mass birth announcement through our regular newsletter provider so if you would like a hardcopy of the birth announcement, and you don't usually get a newsletter in the mail, please email or let us know your address and we will make sure you get one!:)

Until next time . . . .

Brian & Betka

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