Friday, May 16, 2008

Recent happenings . . .

This past week has been very adventurous and alot of fun for us so far. We are looking forward to a quite uneventful weekend.

On Wednesday night we were treated to a BBQ Country cruise on the Danube River. It was from RCE as an appreciation of what we do as missionaries. It was excellent to be pampered for once doing something that we would probably never ever do otherwise. The following pictures are a product of this great time we had from 7:30 until 11PM, quite late for a school night but so much fun and a change of pace.

Above: A nice view of UNO city the section of Vienna that is home of the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Commission amongst other international organizations. Our school is a little ways past this complex and we pass this place every day on the subway going to school.

Below: Beautiful sunset on the river.

Above: I love this picture.

Above and below: Some pictures that Betka and I took on the front deck of our cruise ship to pass the time.

Hope you have enjoyed the photos . . .please comment if you want. We really appreciate reading them!:)

In Christ,
Brian & Betka

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Mom said...

Brian, I haven't checked the pictures on oyur blog in a long time. Thanks for posting them. I really enjoy catching up on your life. Love you, Mom