Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our "Biography" . . .

Hey all,

We just wanted to provide all of you with an opportunity to help us in our continued support raising effort. We have long known that our own personal connections have been exhausted and in order for our support base to increase we need to get referrals from those that already support us in prayer and finances. We have seen the Lord work in really amazing ways this way before so it has become part of our "support raising strategy".

As a part of what we could ask you to do is simply this. Below is a text and a picture that you may use to spread the word of our need to your home churches. Its basically a simple description of what we do in ministry here in Vienna and a photo collage of us and some of the students we work with doing the many things we do here in Vienna. Please pass this on. You should be able to print both the picture and text from here so please spread the word of our need. You have our permission and blessing to use this as well as anything from our blog to further your spread of our ministry needs. Blessings! :)

Brian & Betka Reynolds are missionary/teachers serving with Resourcing Christian Education International (Wheaton, IL) at Vienna Christian School International. Their goal for their ministry is to get into the lives of their students sharing Jesus with them through relationship.

Currently Brian is teaching elementary and middle school art mainly. He is finishing his second year as a teacher/missionary at VCS. He is also volunteering extra time to aid the current building project at the school as well as helping to direct the drama club for elementary students. Brian has also been the 6th grade homeroom teacher for the 2007-2008 school year. The financial support raised by Brian and Betka is distributed out in a monthly "salary" to them through their sending agency, RCE International.

Betka is thoroughly enjoying her first year of teaching violin and piano before and after school throughout the week. The income that Betka receives from these lessons is supplemental to what their "salary" is.

Looking into the future of ministry and life here in Vienna, Brian and Betka are preparing to welcome their first child, a son, into the world in late July. The Reynolds have also recently committed to another 4 year term of service with Vienna Christian School. They would greatly appreciate your prayer and financial support as it is with these two things that the Lord keeps them on the field impacting students for Jesus Christ.

For more information on us you can check out our blog at http://brianreynolds.blogspot.com or email us at breynolds.art@gmail.com

We pray that you are blessed and hope that you feel led to aid us in ministry in some form or another. Thank you in advance for you prayers and financial support.

With Christ's love,
Brian & Betka Reynolds

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