Friday, May 16, 2008

Missionaries Supporting Missionaries . . .

A while back I posted about one of our 6th grade girls and her baptism, well, her father is a pastor/evangelist to muslims all over Europe and in the middle east. Rev. Mashraki is part of a group that makes every effort to reach the Muslim people for Christ. Its amazing that by teaching art at this Christian school in Vienna we make it possible for this man to minister where he needs to. They are winning many souls to Christ each day. You can find their site in English and Arabic at

I translated the arabic at google translate and got this to answer the question "Who we are" in regards to Arabs 4 Jesus.

رؤية وأهداف وخدمة إرسالية عرب ليسوع Vision and goals and serve the mission of Jesus Arabs
رؤيتنا : Vision:

الوصول إلى أبناء العالم العربي وتلمذتهم من اجل يسوع. Access to the sons of the Arab world and make disciples for Jesus. (متى 28: 19 , مرقس 16: 15). (Matthew 28: 19, Mark 16: 15).

أهدافن : Our goals:

تعضيد الكنائس المحلية ومشاركتها في الوصول إلى العالم العربي من اجل يسوع, وذلك من خلال التبشير, التلمذة والصلاة. Consolidation of local churches and their access to the Arab world for Jesus, through preaching, prayer and apprenticeships.

خدمتنا : Services:

1. حملات تبشيريّة Proselytizing campaigns

2. مؤتمرات تدريبيّة Training conferences

3. حلقات دراسية كنسيّة Seminars church

4. خدمة صلاة Prayer service

5. فريق تسبيح Team worshiping

6. وسائل الإعلامأ. And the media.رن

أ. A. الانترنت Internet

ب. B. الراديو Radio

ج. C. التلفاز TV

د. D. الكتب والمنشورات Books and Publications

Thank you again for all you do to help us support ministries like this! :)

Brian & Betka

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