Wednesday, May 14, 2008

History . . .

We live a very historical district but I didn't fully graps how historical it was until I got the messages of these plaques translated. The first one, the one with my reflection in it, is in memory of the people that were taken from the very same apartment building that we now live in and they were murdered during the "Naziterrors". As I looked at this one I realized that there are two families of four and even a family of five that were all taken. The thing that got me most is that they were living possibly even in the same apartment as we do! Wow, thats history.

The one above is in remembrance of all of the literature that was burned right on this spot which is now on the way we go every morning to school. The history of this city astounds me.


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Badge at the feet of Christ said...

Very cool Blog. I am always hartened when I read about others committed to the Lord doing his work in the world. Keep up the good work.