Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Elementary school is pretty busy! . . .

Elementary has been really busy as of late. We have had two big events recently that I would like to share pictures of. The first event was our elementary drama club's play Folk Tales for Fun. The play was a collection of folk tales from around the world and each "director", of which I was one, worked with a small team of elementary kids to practice and put together one tale. The one that I worked with was a Spanish folk tale called The Farmer and the Snake or La campesina y La Culebra. It is the story of a farmer that frees a snake from underneath a log and when the snake is free it wants to bite the farmer. The snake says it won't bite the farmer if the farmer can find one animal that the farmer is nice to. Basically it taught the idea that you should always do good deeds without expecting a reward. If you do good deeds expecting a reward then you will get tricked according to the Spanish tale where Coyote gets tricked by the farmer. The following are pictures from our performance that we had during school in the afternoon. It was a lot of work but we all had a blast . . .especially the kids. We even had high school kids doing sound and lighting!

The elementary P.E. teacher organized, and all the elementary staff assisted her, in having an elementary field day. Each class dressed in a certain color. Kindergarten (primary) was green, 1st grade black, 2nd grade brown, 3rd grade red, 4th grade white, and 5th grade was blue. It was a great time to see all different events. Scooter towing, softball throw, etc. The 5th grade and 4th grade combined beat the staff and it was very embarrassing.
Enjoy these photos!

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