Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Birthday weekend . . . .25 . . .WOW!

This past weekend was a great time. Basically we celebrated my birthday for three days straight it seems. The following pictures are what I would say represent our weekend the best.

Below is a picture of a building near the Vienna Film Archive. The lighting was wonderful and Betka and I thought the pink of the tree's blossoms was gorgeous.

Below is a shot from right outside of the film archive looking towards an incinerator that had its facade modified by the Viennese artist Hundertwasser whose work Betka and I really like.

Above my beautiful wife. You can't even tell she is more than 6 months pregnant! :)

On Saturday evening we had an all staff praise evening. It was a wonderful time and the following couple of shots show the praise team.

Below is the representation of my actual birthday "cake" and present from my wife. She woke me at 8AM on Sunday (I was going to wake myself up at 8:15) and had this "cake" lit with 25 candles. I say "cake" because it was actually a chocolate cookie with peanut butter chips!!! tasty! She also bought me the coolest little World Atlas. I felt so loved!!!:)

On our street there is this building with this statue on it. Vienna is a city of opposites and this is illustrated very well by the fact that kitty corner from this statue, which can be such a wonderful reminder of the Lord's presence in this world, is a house of ill repute, a sauna bar.

Below is a picture of the tram that runs very close to our apartment and is our way to get to the inner city within about 5 minutes or so above ground. Anyway due to the new part of the U2 line opening on May 10th they are going to take out this tram line. So the 21 will be no more. This photo is a tribute to the 21er (ein und zwansiger) as the Wieners call it.

Above: I took this great picture of the end of our street. The city of Vienna is a very growing city and these huge cranes can be seen almost anywhere in the city. This one is building new apartment houses a couple blocks down from us.

All-in-all my birthday weekend was very blessed for me. Not only did my wife do amazing things for me, but on Saturday evening I also got a free mexican meal, Mole (pronounced mol-lay) which was actually just like the Mole I had in Guadalajara. We also had the all staff appreciation dinner (free food and drinks) at a restaurant/wine cellar that is almost 500+ years old. Pretty awesome!:) I felt really loved and blessed this weekend!

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