Friday, May 02, 2008

Birthday and mother's day coming . . . .

Hey all,

This weekend marks my 25th birthday and honestly I don't feel a 1/4 of a century old yet. It seems like yesterday that I was 22 and graduating from college embarking on what was at the time thought to be just a year in Europe and has now through the grace of our Lord turned into an open ended journey through life. Never did I envision when leaving the US in July of 2005 did I think that I would be married a little over 2 years later and within 4 I would witness the birth of my first child. God's plan for our lives is sometimes unimaginable for us and incomprehensible for us, but it is without a doubt hands down the best possible route that we can take through life. Life with Jesus is sometimes very rough and by no means the easiest route we can take, but it brings the most peace to us as followers of Him.

Life, it seems, can be very routine. For us we get up, sometimes we thank the Lord for a new day, we don't always (We should), then we walk to the UBahn and ride it to the school's stop, then we go through our days pouring our lives into these kids that most of the time do not show appreciation for all we do. I have been thinking about that and have come to the conclusion that this is how our life can be at times. It is up to us to look at our lives the way they really are, a gift from the Lord, a new time to live solely for extending His kingdom. If you're anything like me you sometimes miss that point in the rough and tumble of everyday life. Thats fine and I think even normal in the human frame of mind. It is this mindset that I find myself coming out of at the present time. The only thing that can really help me out of times of doubt and depression is the caring of the body of Christ around me. I realize that there comes a time when spiritual maturity gets to the point where you can be brought out of these times by reading of scripture and prayer alone, but currently I am at the point where reading of scripture and prayer help but it is the added community to the rest of these things whose added strength brings me out of the depths of everyday humdrumnity (I made up a word) of life.

Some of you might be wondering what we do in our spare time here in Vienna. Mainly we like to take trips and get the most out of the city public transportation cards that we have. For 45.90 Euro monthly for 10 months we get a card thats good for a year. That includes basically every mode of transportation within the city limits. You have probably seen our recent entries where we have posted pics from our walks. Most of these "Hikes" have been within Vienna but on the outskirts. We also enjoy reading . . . . Brian's wanted books list will be posted soon if you would like to send us a "care package". The most recent thing that I have become almost obsessed with is called Altered Books or Altered Art. It is basically where you find a book, preferably hardcover that is going to be discarded, and you make art by painting, collaging, cutting, folding, etc the pages inside to create a new "Altered" piece of work. Again if you have any books that you are discarding and want me to use them in my new-found hobby then please send them our way.

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