Friday, May 09, 2008

Basic Altered Book Materials . . .

Hey all,

One thing that I have really gotten into is Altered Book making. Its basically where you take old books and save them from the landfill by "altering" the pages. Currently I am working on one that will eventually hold all the post cards that Betka and I receive from a friend of ours that keeps on faithfully sending us postcards from wherever she travels. It is a whole lot for me to do and I hope they turn out well. The materials that I will need to amass are as follows to be able to do as many different techniques as I can. The list was taken from another blogspot blog
Let me know if you can help with getting any of these things. Its possible that my mom could possibly help bring some of it over when she comes in August or you can ship it if you want. I have included only the things I still need from the list. Please notify me if you want to send some things.

But, most of us use many art techniques in our books. Here is my list of basic AB tools.

~Cutting pad, the self-sealing type.
~Glue Stick.
~Golden's Acrylic Gel Medium.
~Bone folder.
~Ruler with metal straight edge.
~Credit card (no, not for buying supplies, silly! It's for smearing and spreading gel medium and paints, and also for use with clamps so you don't mar your pages.)
~Sponge brush.
~Small spray bottle with water. Use to help keep sponge brush damp, and to do quick clean ups.
~Dorland's wax to wax over pages, particularly if there is a stickyness problem.
~Stencils of letters and numbers.
~Rubber stamps (I use them for text).
~Ink pad with permanent ink.
~Clamps for holding sections together while glueing or cutting.

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