Thursday, April 24, 2008

What is going on in life . . .

Hey all,

Just thought I would help you get a glimpse of what life is like for us right now.

Obviously we are expecting our first child and with that comes alot of preparations. We are preparing our apartment for him, trying to make things cleaner, tidier, and arranged for maximum space allowance. Needless to say it is very difficult and I (Brian) don't always enjoy it. I enjoy dreaming about what I could do if I had some tools and could make some of the things we need for the baby. Honestly, I know that building a crib is quite beyond me but I still have a longing to make something that my son will grow up using. Along the same lines I have been feeling quite creative lately. I have a couple interests in the art area that I would like to further develop, but I am without the materials. One of those is stone sculpture. I did it in college for sculpture class and I would love to keep doing that in my spare time but finding the little extra money for stone and buying good quality tools takes extra money of which we do not have much at this present time.

Another desire that I have at this time is to do what is called "altered art". That is you take something and "alter" it to create a new object or the same object slightly modified. This can best be done with books. You take an old book that would be of little or no use and it is saved from the land fill by tearing out pages, adding materials, painting, etc so that a new book is decorated. I have been experimenting with this and I find it quite rewarding when I take the time to think through the process of creativity. You know it is funny how since I have become and art teacher I find myself wanting more and more to do creative things at home and I just don't have the materials. Please if you want to and feel that you would like to encourage me in these pursuits . . .ask me how you might help. There was a day when I got pens and markers and sketch books every Christmas and birthday but those days have come and gone I suppose. We'll see what the Lord makes possible.

Another "secret" ambition is to make steel/metal sculpture. I have so many ideas in mind for what to do but then again there are costs involved in getting the necessary tools for welding or soldering. I guess most recently I am just missing what I had while at school at Huntington. What I wouldn't give to be able to just take another stone sculpture class or welding sculpture class again. It was so much fun back then and I need some more of that in life.

Anyway I guess I am just venting some of my pent up frustration with the fact that I have so many ideas floating around in my head and none of them have come to fruition. Currently at school our elementary drama club that I help with is getting ready to perform our play entitled "Folk Tales for Fun" this coming Wednesday at 2:00PM Vienna time. I am technically just a helper but this role has become fairly complicated as I have found myself in charge of costumes and alot of the "art-intensive" preparations for the play. It is hard for me sometimes when we have to put so much work into something that will be performed once and seen by so little people. Oh well I guess our true rewards come when we get to heaven. Please pray that I will continue to be energetic and run the race the Lord has planned out for me here in Vienna.

Blessings ya'll!


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