Monday, April 21, 2008

VCS's High School Musical . . . .our form of the Disney hit!

This past week our school's high school put on their version of the most recently popular Disney's High School Musical. It was such a popular production in our community that the tickets quickly sold out, actually they sold out about a week before the performances. Usually you can get tickets to VCS performances at the door so this was quite unexpected by everyone. We kept putting off purchasing tickets and when we went to get them they had all sold out and we got on the top of the waiting list if any tickets became available. Well, they did and last Thursday we got to go see the production that our kids had worked so tirelessly on for the past couple months. If you have yet to see the Disney movie thats the original production, I would recommend seeing it. The reason why our Drama director decided to do High School Musical is because he wanted to focus on Community and how important that is in the body of Christ. The musical focuses on a typical American high school that has its cliques, and clubs, and groups of kids that stick by their own kind. The whole message of the musical is that we should not limit ourselves to what we have always done or always been. The idea that we need to be true to ourselves goes quite nicely with the Bible's message about the Body of Christ, that everyone was created unique and that the Lord wants us to fulfill the role. Betka and I really enjoyed seeing our students pour their hearts into this performance . . .it was my favorite by far. Enjoy the pictures! :)

Below: The whole cast. The first one with the directors and the next with the directors and the music staff.

Below: This was my favorite scene and a picture that I think represents it quite well. There is a scene with the basketball team and basketballs. It was wonderfully choreographed in the movie and the choreographers did an awesome job with our version. The guys really knew what they were doing.

Below: These two students did an excellent job. The guy is laying the part of Ryan the brother of the girl next to him, Sharpay. She is the girl that is always "the star". It is her identity and through the musical she is the antagonist and the person who apparently learns the most from what takes place. The guy was an awesome dancer. he was one of the few that really passed off his part . . . he made you believe that it was his character up there not just him acting.

Hope you enjoyed the picture representation of a production that pictures can't really do justice to. These kids are really talented!

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