Monday, April 14, 2008

Nesting anyone?

So I have read that pregnant mothers go through a nesting stage and ours was definitely yesterday afternoon and evening. We were up until 9 just re-arranging and cleaning things. The most exciting thing for us is to think of where to put our newborn when he arrives in this world. Our apartment isn't that big, but we think we will be able to make due until a slightly bigger place opens up that we can afford.

Our most recent idea, actually Betka's idea was to literally "put the baby in the closet". Now before you go yelling about child endangerment or reckless parenting, please hear us out. We want to make every inch of available space used to the best of our ability and we also wanted the little guy to have a space of his own. Up until this great idea all we could come up with is a corner of our current bedroom, but that was almost right up next to our own bed and the room would be very crowded what with the changing table, crib, and our bed which already takes up all the floor space between the window and the halfway point of our room. Basically what our plan of action will be if we go forward with this "Baby in the closet" idea would be to take off the doors and hang a sort of curtain to cover the space when the baby is not there. We have to get the approval of our landlord to remove the doors so that they do not freak out if they are over some time. We should be able to put them back on pretty easily.

Below are pictures of the stroller that we want to get. It has been a long hard fought battle of continuously shopping and returning to the SAME store over and over again to look at the same strollers or what seemed like the same strollers. We also have a limited price range which we thought we would never find a good quality stroller for under 400 Euro (Thats like 600 dollars!). Low and behold there is an option for under 200 Euro!!!! we'll see if we settle on this one, but it looks good. The basket for the newborn can detach so we wouldn't even have to bring the whole stroller up the stairs and it could possibly double as a bed! Anyway, I am glad that this search is over.

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Anonymous said...

Surely you can find some way to return to the college days of stackable furniture? That's the best way to save space (: