Friday, March 28, 2008

Snow in March . . . .and updated belly pic . . .

Hey there everyone. Weather has been pretty crazy around here lately as is shown by the following pictures. Betka and I noticed while we were walking home that the tree in the picture was in bloom with white flowers while the other branches of the bush were covered with white snow. The other picture is the view out across Praterstern which is a really important traffic circle that is also the center, in north Vienna, for tains, U-bahn, and buses. It was a strangely beautiful thing to see snow on different things during such a sunny day! :)

We also wanted to share another belly picture. Betka is now 23 weeks pregnant, we're now officially over the hump and on the end part of the pregnancy. According to the latest test she is possibly due to deliver on the 30th of July. We'll see. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we figure out what it means to be here in Europe all summer, something we have never actually done as a family. Please pray that the Lord will meet all of our financial needs even though we will not be in the States this summer to meet with people.

We really appreciate your emails and comments keep them coming! :)

Be blessed,
Brian & Betka

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