Tuesday, March 11, 2008

International family Fun Night, 6th Grade Fellowship and Betka's students pictures.

Here are the latest pictures from our life in ministry here.

Above top: a fun Dutch game where you dunk for a sweet. Really tough as the kids found out. Also really cool Dutch shoes!

Above top: Kids dressed in native Venezuelan garb. Above bottom: African countries represented, Namibia and Nigeria I think, Namibia for sure. Below: Fun times at the Netherlands station.

Below: Betka and one of her students hard at work learning the proper way to play violin.

Below: 6th Grade fellowship/going away party for one of our students. The girl of honor cuts the cake. One of the guys butts in on the girls' picture.

Below: One of our girls leads us in the game Mafia. If you think it isn't appropriate try telling the kids that, they love it. Its a great game of strategy and good times.

We also played Twister (below). I enjoyed spinning for the kids, but having not done that before I found out it was very boring and let my wife relieve me after a while.

Our new guy (below) was fast getting used to the atmosphere at 6th Grade Fellowship and hammed it up for the camera. He came to us from the Austrian School System and loves VCS so far.

Thanks so much for continuing to keep us up in prayer while we serve the Lord here by serving these kids. Be blessed ya'll!:)


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