Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter! Here is what we did! :)

This Easter after my wife and I got over a sicknesses on the first weekend of our break (we had the whole week before and the day after easter off) we went to the Czech Republic to spend some quality time with Betka's side of the family. It was a much needed break for both of us. The following pictures are from the annual pig roast that the Church congregations of Mikulov, Valtice and the surrounding areas have. It was a blast and a wonderful time celebrating with great friends from Czech as well as another missionary friend of ours.

What celebration would be complete without food and snacks!? We had a really good pig that the fellas in the church were cooking from 10Am until 3:30PM when they started cutting helpings off for people. Gingerbread were decorated very intricately by a church member . . . . AMAZING!

Below: The youth in the church enjoy playing in the unfinished church house in Mikulov where the roast was held. There is a great place out back that they use for cooking.
The view from said unfinished church house is very good despite the foggy windows with Holy hill in the background.

Below are two faces of the Czech Republic's future.

I am continually amazed at how awesome our God is and yesterday was another time for me to just marvel at his works. This marveling came in the form of the doctor doing and advanced organ screening ultrasound on Betka looking at our son. He seems to be developing wonderfully. Here is a little video snip of the 3D picture that the doctor could put together using the ultrasound snapshots. The half of the baby's face you cannot see is due to unsure readings, it is all there in reality, the video just makes it look like his head is missing by half. What you can see is his left eye, nose, left ear, and most of the left side of his face. You can even make out part of his right hand. Enjoy! :)

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