Monday, March 10, 2008

Current Reynolds ponderings . . . . .

Recently my wife and I have been talking about our life together and what we would like to see change and what we think needs to change and really what we are so thankful to the Lord for in our current situation. We would like to share it with you all.

First of all . . .we are very happy to be serving at VCS and know that Lord-willing, we will be here for another 4 years after this school year. That means that the majority of my twenties will be spent here in Vienna. Who knows that the Lord has in store we could be over here much much longer. Betka is certainly ok with staying here and I (Brian) am getting used to Europe and I realize how much help it needs spiritually. We are honored to be able to be here for a long term assignment. practically speaking though we have run into a few things that we thought we should share with you all as our supporters and being a big reason why we are still here.

I'll start by explaining our current situation, practically speaking, we are living in an apartment that is 50 meters square (roughly 540 square feet) and our base rent is 380 Euro monthly (roughly $580). Add in utilities and our total rent is 480 Euro (About $740) a month. This is for a one bedroom, sitting room, and kitchen living space. As Betka and I were thinking about it we know that this is enough for us and a child . . . . even when the child is a year or two old. If we really really had to it would be possible with another child although it would feel a little cramped with even just one toddler. We were thinking that it might be good to start praying for a new, bigger place for a similar price miracle like we have now. For rent and utilities to come in under 500 Euro anywhere in this city is insane and definitely not the norm and we are truly blessed to be where we are for the price we pay. Basically our landlord provides a service for us, they aren't making tons of cash and we are truly blessed by them. So we have made the decision to start looking for a bigger place (2 bedrooms, 60+ meters squared) , preferably closer to school. You can help us with this in praying that the Lord would move us if it is His will for us here in Vienna. We pray that He would make it known to us where to move and in His timing. There is also the prayer for finances. With Betka's income from violin and piano lessons we are able to put food on the table and get by with life day-to-day. This summer we will be really tough without her usual income and with it slightly changed due to the arrival of our little bundle of joy. Please pray that the Lord would meet all of our needs . . . we are very certain that He will provide exactly what we need . . . nothing more nothing less.

Another thing we can be praying for is for our financial situation to get to the point that we can even afford to move to a bigger place. Hypothetically our "price range" would be between 500 and 700 Euro a month, but that is really only if we can even have that kind of monthly support coming in. Am I too bold to ask you all to pray that the Lord would help us have more monthly support coming in? Again we believe very strongly that the Lord will provide for us what we truly need and nothing more, nothing less. Please ask the Lord how He might use you to help support us in ministry.

This past Friday we had a really fun night of fellowship with the 6th grade class. We haven't had 6th grade fellowship since December due to my father's death and the fact that January and February it was impossible to find a free Friday or Saturday night. So Friday we had 13 6th grade boys and girls together for pizza and games. It also turned in to a going away party for one of our girls that is returning to Canada with her family on Wednesday of this week. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as they return "home" after adapting so well and becoming such a big part of our community here. That family had a 6th grade girl, 3rd grade girl, and a primary boy in our school. They will be missed. Surprisingly this situation happens very often here. Its only by the grace of God that we can go on when good friends leave and new people come. Just last week we got 2 new 6th graders. If you would please pray for my time with the 6th grade boys each Tuesday during lunch. I really seek to go deeper with them but there is something standing in the way. Pray for boldness of Christ for me to ask the tough questions and to present our Lord's gospel in a way that they can absorb.

As we look ahead to 4 more years here at VCS we know that it seems like a long time right now, but in all actuality it will go quickly and we will be looking back on this time and wish we could go back or if nothing else looking back on it with a warm remembrance. Please pray for our continuing vision at this school and that the administration would continue to seek the Lord in everything they do. It is so easy to lose focus and get off track and we pray that this would never be the case with our school.

We are truly thankful for how much you all lift us up in prayer and support. What would we do without you all? Well, one thing is for certain we would not be here. Be blessed this day all you out there.

In His grip,

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