Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where exactly in Vienna do we live? . . . Where is the school?

I was surfing the net today and I found a really good map of Vienna. It illustrates the districts of Vienna and the way they break the whole city up into 23 different districts. We currently live in the 2nd district, Leopoldstadt (Leopold's city), near the city center and the school is in the biggest and fastest growing district, the 22nd district, Donaustadt (Danube City). The city of Vienna used to have little villages all around it and when the city grew outwards it swallowed up the individual villages and those town centers have become neighborhoods now. It is really very interesting. We have about a 20 minute commute to work each day on the U-bahn (subway). Life here is really quite good. It isn't cheap though. I was thinking about our budget the other day and how its amazing that the Lord continues to provide just as much as we need, not more, not less. We have faith that He will continue to provide and we let you as supporters know our budget so that you can be more informed givers. We also believe that if you know exactly where the need lies you will be more willing and able to help us in the Lord's service in the future.

Our current budget as far as we know is somewhat like this. Granted some things like phone bill, food, and extras vary month to month, but basically this is what we need as of right now.

Reynolds Family Budget in Vienna Monthly (with exchange rate as of 2/26/08)

Rent======================================= $566/380Euro
Utilities(Gas, water, electric, etc)=================== $150/100Euro
Transportation (Public)========================== $ 137/92Euro
Phone Bill (land line)============================ $45/30Euro
Brian's Student Loan============================ $170/114Euro
Food (Including for Bible study meal)=================$298/200Euro
Discretionary Fund (Travel to Czech, big purchases, etc.)=== $150/100Euro

Total budget: $1516/1,019Euro

This is a rough estimate of our budgeted expenses. Obviously with our baby coming we will have more costs that are not currently budgeted. We would also like to point out that currently our support level is poised to put us in the negative with RCE and that can happen for a couple of months, they step out in faith with us, but in order to keep serving here we need to try to stay in the black. The Lord has been faithful and we praise Him for providing what we need when we need it. We would definitely like to see some more monthly supporters. If you believe that the Lord is pursuing you to become one of them please contact us ASAP. Blessings all!:)

Brian & Betka

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