Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Walk in the park . . .Lednice, CZ . . .and Vienna, Austria

Hey all,

One of Betka and my favorite things to do in our spare time is to take walks in different parts of Vienna. Because the public transport system is so amazing we are able to very easily get to the outskirts of town and places we otherwise would not be able to go to without a car. We also like to walk when we are "back home" in Czech Rep.

Below are 2 pictures from a walk that Betka and I took in the Chateau park of her hometown Lednice, Czech Republic.

Just last Sunday Betka and I went for a walk to explore another part of this great city of Europe. Most people when they visit Vienna only see one side of Vienna, the downtown historic parts. Vienna also has many wonderful parks and things that make this city of 1.6 million seem a little bit less urban. They are all over the city and we happened to stumble upon one very interesting park in the south west corner of the city. We really enjoyed our walk and here are some pictures from that time.

Left: I didn't even notice it when I took the picture, but there is a red cross spray painted on the wall of these ruins.

Below: These are pictures that I took when we took off from Vienna International Airport. It is beautiful how you can see the mountains (Alps) with the sun rising as my flight left at 6:40AM Vienna time.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoy taking them. Blessings!:)

Brian & Betka

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