Friday, February 08, 2008

ACSI Honors choir Trip to Prague, Czech Republic and other stuff . . .

So after having tons of pictures stuck on my camera I liberated them today. The first ones are from the trip that Betka chaperoned to Prague. I'll have her write an entry here sometime explaining exactly what they did, but the pictures are taken by her or the students and I will attempt to explain some of them.

Above: Riverside School in Prague, one of the two host schools for the weekend. "The school was HUGE!" as Betka put it.

Below: Betka acts like a guard (Left) for St. Vitas cathedral(Right).

Above: Betka enjoyed taking in the sights and told me that "The baby was enjoying running around Prague!"

Below: The choir sang in two different places on Sunday, (Left) at the International baptist Church of Prague and an older cathedral in town.(Right)

And to end this post . . .a random picture (below) of me the day that Betka got back enjoying my favorite light dinner . . .toast! It was great to hear about how great her weekend was.

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