Thursday, January 24, 2008

So . . . my wife left me . . .JUST KIDDING . . .sort of . . . :)

Ok so in explanation of the title of this post . . .Betka left for Prague this morning at 8:35 to accompany 10 of our high school students to Prague for this coming weekend to join the Association of Christian Schools International Honors Choir for a couple of performances. My wife will be accompanying them as "The Czech Language and Cultural Liaison" or really just another, or THE, chaperon that can speak Czech.

Meanwhile I am here in Vienna by myself and this is one of those things that is inevitable but one dreads it anyhow. Please pray for me this weekend that I wouldn't miss her too much and that I would be able to welcome her back being sensitive to the fact that it isn't just me that was apart from the one they love the most on this earth. If any of you have good ideas for what I could do to welcome/surprise her when she gets back . . .your comments are very much appreciated. I am seriously handicapped when it comes to this romantic stuff.

Anyway, thank you in advance for your prayers and hopefully my wife will be writing a blog entry when she getts back complete with pictures from her time back home in her motherland. Blessings!:)


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Ruth said...

I can't give you many romantic ideas for Betka's return but some advice. Ooooo, I had that word advice....maybe thoughts is a better word?
anyway, remember that while you have been missing her (and I'm sure that she has been missing you) she has also had an exciting time being a country/city that she loves and being with the kids. She will be full of stories and wanting to tell you all about it. OR she will be sooooo tired that she doesn't want to talk but just rest and enjoy a comfy hug or cuddling on the couch. She will tell you about it sometime if not the minute she returns home. Not sure what time she gets back but it is always nice to have food ready if it's meal time. Even if it is as simple as bread, soup, cheese, etc., she will appreciate your thoughfulness. Remmebr, it's the thought that counts and not so much the deed. :)
Love you, Mom