Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year US Style . . .

Hey there again everyone.

Happy New Year! May you all walk closely with Jesus this new year.

Betka and I returned "home" to Vienna on Monday. We arrived back at our apartment around 8:00 or 8:15. We had a really crazy day of travel that started in Chicago of course. We were scheduled to leave O'Hare at 9:55 PM but when we arrived we learned that our flight had been delayed to leave at 10:40PM.

As we were waiting Betka went back out of the international terminal to get some food as there are no restaurants after you go through security. The second time she went she was gone a long time and then when she came through security she was in tears. I asked her what had happened. Her passport was stolen!!!! We freaked out but she had already told someone and they were asking over the intercom for anyone that might have found it. They took us to the information desk of LOT Polish Airlines and we waited. At this point it was getting really close to our flight time and was almost 10:00PM. The people at Polish Airlines were great they even printed out a map and phone number for the Czech embassy in Chicago right on Michigan Avenue. I really did not know what to do so really all I could do was try to console my wife that everything was going to be okay. The reality at the time was that she would have to go to the embassy which would mean missing our flight, they would give her a "cover passport" which the LOT people said would be good for her to travel back to Czech not Austria so we were very anxious about what exactly we would do. I was mentally preparing myself for possibly not returning in time for school's start on Tuesday.

As it turns out we didn't miss our flight. As Betka was getting a pen out of her bag to write down the emergency number of the embassy she FOUND HER PASSPORT!!! It was in the zip pocket of her hand bag which was new and she wasn't used to it yet. Praise God!!! We booked it to the gate to get there in time and we were, slightly out of breath and still in shock that she had it all along. So we left Chicago with Betka's pride hurt a little but perfectly fine.

Upon arrival in Warsaw at 3:00PM on Monday we realized that the boarding time for our connecting flight to Vienna was at 2:30PM so having missed that we were consequently put on a flight a couple hours later and given a voucher to the airport restaurant so all was good. We took a brand new plane to Vienna collected our bags right away and hurried down to the train. We could have gotten on the train right away but there was a long line for tickets so we missed that one and had to wait for another half an hour for the next one. We were home by 8:15, dropped our bags, and fell fast asleep not to wake up until 6:15 the following morning. All in all a very eventful trip, but we got back safely!:) Thank you Jesus.

So we are back now and the first day went well but Betka and I are both not sleeping all the way through the night yet. Tuesday morning I woke at 2:30AM and last night I woke up at 1:00AM. Fortunately I was able to read and then go back to sleep for a few hours, but we have both woken up very tired the past two mornings. School is back into full swing. Thank you for your prayers as we continue to get started and for traveling mercies as we returned. The Lord's hand was very evident during our trip.

It was a huge blessing for us to see everyone that we did while we were in the US for the holidays and again thank you to those of you that were so kind as to help us return. We believe that it was a very fruitful time for us and very rejuvenating as well. Thanks again!:)

Until next time,
Brian & Betka


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!

We are glad you are home safely and miss you already!

Love you both, Mom

Anonymous said...

Man, you had one crazy eventful travel time. You missed out on the concert . . . then the snowstorm . . . then the flight/train back.

I bet it's good to be back in familiar territory (: