Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday plans . . .

Hey all,

We now have a general idea of what we will be doing for our holidays here in Europe.

School is out at noon tomorrow until the 7th of January when we resume. Betka, Tobi, and I will leave for a Czech Christmas on December 22, then return to Vienna to get my mother from the airport on the 26th. Betka's parents will be driving their new car to Vienna to get us and take us "home for the holidays" . . . this means that we will celebrate on the 24th like true Europeans!:)
That also means church in Valtice on the 25th.

When my mom gets here on the 26th we will most likely stay in Wien for the New Year. We will have a big New Year's party at our place. Currently we have almost 10 people that have said they will be there. It will be awesome as you can see the entire city from our 7th story apartment (See images below, views from our living room)

The my mom goes back to the US on the 3rd and we have a couple more days left until school resumes.

That about sums up our plans for the holidays . . . Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a really blessed holiday season to all of you wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ out there. Be blessed!:)

Brian, Betka, and Tobi

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Merry Christmas and Advent Season . . .

Merry Christmas everyone . . . this is December 10t on our library's Advent calendar.


Elementary school . . .

Hey all,

Thought I would jot a quick note to share a website that our elementary kids are working with.



Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hmmm . . . Happy Thanksgiving?

Hey all,

Just want to recount the events of the past week to give you a little glimpse of what our life is like here in Vienna at this point in the school year.

Last week, the week before Thanksgiving break, we had one actual full day of school for the whole school. Tuesday was a half day for the elementary school and Wednesday was a half day for the secondary students. Wednesday was also parent/teacher conferences for the whole school. We had Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving break. (It is important to note that Thursday and Friday are normal days for the Austrians.)

My wife came in to school at noon on Wednesday and told me that the power was out at home. So after school we hung out in the dark and tried to figure out what the problem was, finally coming to the conclusion that it was just our apartment and it had been shut off. This was when we remembered a little slip of paper that a man had given Betka back on November 12th. At the time she and I didn’t think it was all that important and in fact thought it really weird that the man showed up at 7:30AM. Turns out on this little slip of paper it read that we needed to show up in person at the Wien Energie customer service place downtown to sign the contract before the 18th of November in order to continue service. I had written this slip of German writing as non-important and failed to see the bold fine print where this information was located . . . sooooo to make a long story short, we had to go downtown and then set up an appointment at the earliest time yesterday between 7 and 10AM. We had no power for all of Thanksgiving Break!!!

So as of yesterday we were actually able to cook and keep food in our own apartment. Thanks be to God that we had other options in the form of our neighbors that we were able to cook our meals and do things past 5:00PM (When it gets dark) all break. The result of the break, a time that was supposed to be nice an relaxing, is that I am feeling very run down and tired. You can also add to the fact that Tobi has something wrong right now in that he has 2 white spots on his gums and seems to be in pain. We think it might be teething because he is 4 months old, but it could also be something else. We took him to the doctor yesterday and he said that we should wait a week and then see whats happened. If the white spots are still there after a week then we are supposed to bring him in again.

On top of this all we are trying to figure out how to transfer funds from our American bank account to our Austrian account. The bank we now have in the States, National City, has been a real pain in trying to set up a monthly withdrawal. basically they will not allow me to set one up to take out a specific amount every month . . . they want me to call before taking it out. So now not only do I have to call in advance, after 2:00PM our time, but I have to take a 40 minute round trip downtown to have the money transferred . . . I know it seems like I am complaining, but it is just life right now. Please pray for my sanity and that we will weather this turbulent time with the Grace of Christ.

Thank you in advance for your prayers!

Brian, Betka, and Tobi

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Election funny . . .

So . . .I was reading a fellow teacher's blog today about the election. She apparently held a mock election the day of the real election and that generated much discussion. One of her students (a second grader) said something hilarious. Here is the excerpt from her blog:

"I just have to throw this little comment in, for laughs. My swing voter, an 8-year-old Filipino boy named K.D., was talking to another teacher about the election, and here's what he said,"I know Rock Obama - he's the President!" (Not yet, says the teacher). "I know he's not yet, but he will be - he's got enough electric boats to win!" Gotta love childhood."

So Mr. Rock Obama . . . you are the next President of the United States . . . we are all praying for you . . . thats pretty much all we can do!:) have a good one everybody!:)

B, B, & T

Monday, November 10, 2008

The address was wrong . . . hold the phones!:)

The address I gavce was a bit wrong . . . thanks to Telekom Austria, our phone service provider we realized that the address that we posted last time is actually wrong.

Our CORRECT address at home is:

Meistergasse 4/1/30
A-1210 Wien, Austria

If you send something to the other address it might or might not get to us. The address that is fool proof is:

Wagramerstrasse 175/Panethgasse 6a
A-1220 Wien, Austria

Thats our school address . . . it will get to us for sure if you send it there.

Hopefully you did not send anything to the wrong address . . . sorry for the confusion.

We are currently living out of our new apartment. Sometime this week we will close with the former landlord and do our "Melding" which is the notification of the Austrian authorities as to our location in the city. "Anmelding" and "Abmelding" needs to be done when one leaves the country for an extended amount of time and/or when they change addresses in the city.

The details of our move are pretty much taken care of. The only thing we have left is a prefectly good washing machine that we need to sell . . . so if you live in Vienna and know of someone that needs a 2 year old washer let us know!:)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Moving DONE . . . well mostly.

So our move to the
22nd district in Vienna from the 2nd is finally done. All but our washing machine is in the new place.

Our new home address in Vienna is as follows:

Meistergasse 4/1/30
A-1220 Wien, Austria

This new place has a separate room for Tobi and we also have a guest bed in that room so if you ever find yourself in the Vienna area and need a place to crash for the night . . . let us know!:)
We are supremely blessed to have this new home. We have some pictures to share with you all from the moving time. We look forward to your visit if you ever can . . .but for now . . . a virtual tour. . .

Above: An avalanche of boxes . . . we can't wait to get rid of them.
Below: Betka is pooped after organizing our "library" and various other shelves.

Above: Another view of my lovely wife and our new sitting/living room.
Below: through our arched hallway facing the front door of our apartment.

Above: Betka in front of our "wall of boxes", Below: The view from where Betka is in the first picture down our hallway. Tobi's room is the first on the right, our's is at the end.

Above: Our super kitchen.
Below: Brian & Tobi enjoying the use of our kitchen table.

Overall it has been an excellent choice to move here . . . we have other VCS staff members close at hand, we have plenty of space, and it is very close to school. Obviously the only drawback, which I have come to realize is a necessary evil, is that our rent went from 480 Euro a month including verything to 800 Euro a month not including electricity. Please be in prayer as to how the Lord might use you to help us stay in this wonderful place and to meet our monthly needs. We are so blessed to be in this place. Hopefully we will be freed up to be more of a blessign to those around us now that the space situation is solved. Thanks guys and girls!:)

B, B, & T

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New apartment thoughts . . .

Hey all,

Just thought I would update as to how the moving process is going and what we can use prayer for.

On Sunday Betka and I took down our nice an comfortable bed and for the past three nights and the rest of the time until we move we will be sleeping on mattresses on the floor of our living room. It sure isn't comfortable and it is a constant reminder of how badly I can't wait to finally move. We have started packing various things that we will not be using in the next week. Our final moving plan goes as follows . . . Friday, October 24, we will "inspect" the apartment as it is being repainted and fixed up this week and we will get the keys from our landlord. That same day we will head to CZ for our fall break. We will have Monday the 27th and Tuesday the 28th off for our fall break and then we will return to Vienna on Tuesday evening to really start the actual physical moving of our stuff, starting Wednesday the 29th after school with the actual physical move. So if all goes according to plan we should be entirely moved in by Thursday the 30th of October. Our landlord will sign the lease with us in the first week of November and is really laid back as to how to proceed with that.

Our one concern with this all is that we need to put three month's rent down as a deposit. That means we need to come up with 2400Euro/$3100 to deposit. Our landlord is again very understanding of our situation and has offered to spread that out along 3 months. So basically we will be paying twice the amount of rent for the first 3 months with the possibility of getting the deposit back after we are finished with the apartment. amazingly we are seeing how the Lord is going to provide us with the needed funds. If you are feeling the Lord leading you to help us out with moving expenses please send your contribution in to RCE. Contact us for more details.

Be blessed all!

B, B, & T in Wien

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hey all,

The following are clips that a friend of ours shot with our camera on Tobi's dedication Sunday at the International Chapel of Vienna where we have ended up attending here in Wien. Enjoy the videos!

Tobi was wonderful and hardly made a sound. The screaming that you hear is the pastor's youngest son Eli who happened to be the unhappy baby in the congregation that morning. Sorry these are a week late, but they are finally on here!:)

Love you guys,
B, B, & T

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

9 days until operation "new home" initiates . . . .

Hey all,

As you can tell there are only 9 days until we are able to start moving in to our new apartment. 9 days? You might ask, well, on the 24th the landlord is going to show us as one final inspection before we would sign the contract. For this landlord however, this means that we can have the keys and begin moving in even before the contract is signed. So . . . a week from this Friday we will be able to start moving things in.

This means that we are now really starting to pack things up. It is strange contemplating moving from the place that has been all you have known in a particular place. I lived in Vienna as a single man in our current apartment, I was a newlywed in this current apartment. Betka and I went though preparations of having a little one and then welcoming him home to our apartment. It has truly been like home for us. It will be sad to say good bye to it. Where we are moving though is so much better, its just going to be very different!:) We will be within an easy walking distance from school, we will have every shop imaginable within 10 or 15 minutes walking and we are going to be around many of our friends.

Please remember us in prayer as we try to figure out all the details of this move. A specific prayer would be how the finances are going to work out. We can afford the monthly rent and we think after roughly guestimating, that with the deposit we will be able to afford that too, but we are a bit nervous. Also you can be in prayer that we would get all of our deposit back from our current landlord. Over the last 2 years there have been some damages that could lead them to keep some or all of the deposit . . .please pray that we would get all 960 Euro back and that there would be no hurt feelings between us and our landlord. Thank you in advance for praying. Bless you all.

B, B, & T

Friday, October 03, 2008

The results are in . . .the winner is . . .

The poll showed that 9 people of 12 thought the one on the right was me and they are right. 3 of you though . . . . come on! :) have a good one ya'll!:)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tobi's Dedication Czech Style

Hey all,

As some of you may know we went to Czech last weekend and had our son Tobias dedicated to the Lord. We have decided to do this twice, once in English and once in Czech to accommodate our dual language relationship/family. Our reason for dedication and not infant baptism is this:

"God in His goodness gives children as gifts to parents. They not only have the awesome responsibility of caring, protecting this gift, but the privilege of enjoying this gift. Children belong to God, and by grace given as gifts to us, therefore we dedicate our children back to God.

Hannah presented Samuel to the Lord.

Luke 2:22: And when the time came for their purification according to the Law of Moses, they brought him up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord.

In the same way Brian and Betka today bring Tobias Martin, presenting themselves first and then Tobi before the Lord." This was taken from the text that our pastor will go by for Tobi's dedication in English.

Betka and I both have different backgrounds, as I was baptized as an infant and she wasn't. This is our compromise. Tobi will be baptized when he makes a personal decision to follow Jesus Christ.

Eventually we will have video of both dedications on this blog or linked to this blog. due to the fact that the video size is a bit larger there will only be bits of the dedications on here in the blog, the rest will be able to be found on I will make sure that I put a link on here when they are accessible. please be patient . . .we could not wait to share this with you all, but know that figuring out how to do this is taking some time for me. Thanks for your patience and here is a teaser for the whole version that should be on youtube as soon as possible.

Our date for Tobi's dedication in English at our Vienna church, the International Chapel of Vienna, is October 12th. We are very excited about this and will share the video and/or pictures as soon as we have them.

God bless you guys!:)

Brian, Betka, and Tobi

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tobi video and poll . . .

We have a couple things to put up today . . . hope you enjoy them . . .

First a video . . . Tobi has really been looking around and been intrigued with things now. Betka took advantage of this and we took this video. Our little boy is growing by leaps and bounds . . .

Secondly if you would be interested . . . we will have a new poll for you to express your opinion. In the following picture which one is Tobi and which one is me (Brian) as a baby? This will be fun for us as well as you. Feel free to comment as you wish. We're looking forward to reading your responses . . .

Blessings from Wien,

Brian, Betka, and Tobi

Monday, September 22, 2008

Student stuff . . .

Hey a student of ours in 7th grade, the class president added a neat map to the seventh grade website. Here it is.



Friday, September 19, 2008

2008 Staff Retreat . . .Lindabrunn, Austria

Hey all,

Just thought I would let you know that our annual staff retreat will be this weekend. We have a half day after which we head out ASAP to get away to the small town of Lindabrunn. There is a sports retreat center there that we have had the retreat at the past 3 years. It is a great time of relaxation, recuperation and . . .can't come up with another -ation, but it is a really good time. It is forcasted to be a little bit cold and possibly rainy, but hey, we'll make due.

Please be praying that this retreat would be a huge blessig to everyone involved and that we would come back re-energized to be in ministry at Vienna Christian School. Blessings everybody!:)


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Please remember our family in prayer . . .

Hey all,

This day started out with very sad news from my dad's side of the family. My cousin Bill Reynolds, my dad's brother's only son, lost his newborn son Conner this past Monday. Their email was as follows:

Our son, Connor Charles was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy a couple of weeks ago. This affected his ability to suck, swallow, and breathe on his own. He needed ventilator support from the day he was born as his lungs were just not strong enough to independently support himself. I am sad to say that Connor passed away on Monday, September 15th.

Please, please, please keep the Reynolds die of our family in your prayers. Connor was going to be my uncle's first grandson. It seems that the Lord wanted to be with him sooner than usual. Betka and I are really heartbroken for my cousin and his wife. Please help us remember them in prayer the coming days as they come to grips with the reality of losing a loved one. Thanks in advance for all your prayers. Be blessed!:)

Brian, Betka, and Tobi

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Father and son pics . . .

Hey all,

When my mom was visiting she brought my baby pictures which I was able to scan and now have electronic copies of. Sooooo . . . . I had this idea to post baby pictures of me so you can compare how much he looks like me . . . . I think I will add a poll later to see what you all think or you can just email or comment on the blog. Enjoy! :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Over the weekend . . . .

Hey all,

We really enjoyed this weekend. It was very relaxing for us after a long week. I am so grateful to our Lord that He helped me to form the good habit of leaving school work to be done at school and not to be taken home to work on it. It is serving us well and I highly recommend it to anyone that can afford to do so. It gives Betka, me and Tobi so much quality time that we otherwise might not have. Enjoy the pics and video!:)

Friday, September 12, 2008

7th Grade news . . .

Hey all,

Thought you might be up for checking up on another blog. We elected officers in 7th grade homeroom yesterday and the president has already set up a blog to keep the other 7th graders up-to-date. Here it is!

Enjoy keeping up on the best class ever . . .the VCS high school class of 2014!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

7th Grade class

Below is the 7th grade class of Vienna Christian School for 2008 of which I (Brian) am the homeroom teacher. They represent India, Austria, Egypt, Nigeria, Sweden, USA, Phillipines, Japan, Namibia, Zambia, and South Korea. Thank you in advance for your prayers!:)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another follower of Christ . . .

Hey all,

Just thought we would share a bit of a praise. One of our 7th grade boys Luke was baptized a couple weeks ago and he sent me the video of it on youtube. You can see it at

His parents are missionaries and are here serving other missionaries on the field by doing member care/counseling-type activities. It is so wonderful to see a kid, whose parents are doing such great things here in Vienna, be such an influence to those around him. He is truly wise beyond his years.

The girl that is baptized is also one of our 7th graders. Emily is a great leader and Christian examle to those around her. We really love this class and hope that you will praise the Lord to hear news like this. He is sooo good!!!:)


The Reynolds

Monday, September 08, 2008

Whats on the horizon . . .

Hey there dearest support family!

I thought I'd take a chance to share whats on the horizon for us, The Reynolds, here in Vienna.

First off, we would like to really thank all of you for your continued support and prayer through the last year and some months as Betka and I have started sharing our life together, and for the two years before that when I was a missionary by myself. It has been relayed to us that many people read this and aren't commenting . . .this is wonderful though we would love to read more comments from all of you "readers". Our blog is meant not only as a way for us to relay whats happening in our life here in Vienna, but also as a sounding board to voice what you think about what we're going through, what the Lord is currently teaching you, and a way of encouraging us and whomever might read our blog among other things.

So what is on the horizon? . . . Well, first of all, we are not planning on returning to the States for the coming holidays. I know that we have said we would, but it turns out that a trip for Betka, me, and the little one will run us upwards of $3000 and it seems to us to be a much better investment to wait until summer 2009 to return and visit all of you that I am sure are dying to see us, Tobi and catch up on things. So the way it stands now, short of someone making it possible for us to financially be able to travel back for the holidays, is that we will stay here in Europe for Christmas and New Year's. Please know that this was a very hard decision to come to because we really want Tobi to meet all of you, but it makes a whole lot more sense to wait until we will have the money. I hope you will all understand. So that being said . . .please plan on us being Stateside in June and July of next summer, 2009. We are alreaady making plans . . .sort of!:)

As far as things go here we are getting back into the swing of things. Betka will resume teaching her lessons, most of them, this week. She will drop the morning lessons and will only have 5 or 6 students this year as opposed to 11 last year. We really want her to have time with me and Tobi and not completely burn out just for some extra cash. As far as financial things go . . .we are hopefully going to do much better this school year. The school, as part of a plan to extend the longevity of staff has offered a small incentive program to those of us committing to 4 years. We have made this commitment to stay at VCS for another 4 years so every month Vienna Christian School will contribute the money that we usually pay for health insurance, plus a small portion for the main staff member, their spouse and up to three children. For us this has greatly affected how we are financially. We are not fully supported still, but we are definitely getting by with a wider margin at the end of the month. please continue to pray that the school would continue to be blessed that they will be able to continue to bless us in this way.

One thing you might be asking yourself . . "Do they still need my donations?" The answer is yes we do. Ideally, in a perfect worl, missionaries would have no problems getting airfare to go back once a year or to have enough extra money to go on a family vacation or to even support other missionaries that are in need. We are nowhere near that level so please please please continue to send in what you do. Every little bit matters. We pray for all of you. God blessyou folks!:)

Brian, betka, and Tobi Reynolds

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tobi Videos . . .

Hey all,

The last couple of weeks have been relatively routine . . .trying to get used to being on "baby time". It has been really hard for us to adapt but we know that the Lord has been growing us in so many ways, most of which are unnoticeable by us, during this time. Anyway we just wanted to post a couple videos that we thought were really neat. let us know what you think . . .

Excercise with Tobias. . .

Zonked before bath time . . .

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The first day of school!!!!

So as the picture states . . . it was the first day of school. We have many new faces this year but alot of known ones as well. It is going to be a great year!:)

My 7th grade homeroom alone contains 9 different nationalities. Be blessed ya'll!:)


Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer update . . .

Just a quick note about how we are doing financially . . . As far as our RCE missionary account is concerned we are not in the negative. This summer was a complete step of faith for us financially (not that any other time isn't) but we started the summer expecting our child and increasing our monthly "salary" to compensate for Betka's loss of income during the summer. I ( Brian) was certain at the beginning of the summer that we would be in the negative at the end of August, but the Lord has come through yet again! After June, July, & August we are not in the negative . . . in fact we ended this summer "in the desert" with a bout a $400 surplus. The Lord truly does provide what we need . . . why do we even doubt!?!?!? Praise the Lord!

On another note, we are continually praying that the Lord would bring us a different apartment that is a little bigger to house our family that is now one person bigger. Betka and I were discussing that the space in our little 50 meters squared apartment are feeling a little more cramped now with Tobi sharing the living space. Its livable but we are seriously searching for a new place. Please join with us specifically in praying for a new apartment that is insanely low priced. Here are the specifics of what we are looking for:

~65-90 meters squared
~3 rooms (Means living room and 2 bedrooms.)
~Preferably the first or lower floor so that there isn't a too high risk of a little crawler falling out the window.
~Unfurnished except for kitchen, like stove and oven, etc. (We have amassed all the furnishings that we need for other rooms, thanks to the Lord.)
~Total rent per month including utilities = 750 EURO maximum (We now pay 480)

We have seen how the Lord has provided and answered our prayers before when we were very specific when coming to Him and asking so please lift us up in this matter with the previous stated specifics.

The one time this summer where Betka and I really felt the Lord saying "Told you I am almighty and can do anything if you just ask me." was when we prayed that He would help Tobi be born. We prayed right before going to sleep at 10:30 PM on Sunday July 27th that Tobi would come if that was the Lord's timing and sure enough at 1:00A the 28th Betka's water broke and he was born 11 hours later. What an AWESOME God we serve . . . just ask Him really!:)

Anyway, we are so grateful for your continued prayers and ask that you continue to financially support and uplift us prayerfully this week as we see students, some we have met and others that will meet us for the first time this week. Blessings to all of you and may Christ keep you!:)

Brian, Betka, & Tobi

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tobi is 3 and a 1/2 weeks . . . :)

Hey all,

I promised pictures and here they are!:) I think I picked out the best ones. Anyway . . . if you really want more I would just ask you to email me. I am eventually going to have all of the ones we take and keep up on my Picasa . . . I can send you a link if you email me. If you are ok with what I put on the blog then cool, we will update every few weeks hopefully. The following are really great . . . at least we think, but then again we tend to be biased on this.

It is really awesome to see how Tobi, even though he is so young still, is already starting to have his own personality and things of that nature. I really love being home now . . . not that I didn't before, but it is excellent to see that he really wants to be around me and needs me there. Its something God uses to help mature guys I think. I feel like I have grown immensely th past few weeks. Check in later!:) Blessings ya'll!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tobi's progress . . .

Hey all,

I thought I would start an update . . . granted we are very busy now getting ready for school and due to the fact that I do not have a room due to construction I am a little short for time for things "extra" and that includes blog entries and so forth. I will do my best though to keep all of you clued in as to whats happening in the life of our little family here in Wien and the small school that we are totally blessed to be a part of.

Yesterday I and the rest of the VCS teachers and staf for the 2008-2009 school year started what is going to be 4 packed days of beginning of the year information and stuff. Friday the kids come for registration and then the following Monday, August 25th, school starts.

This year we have almost an entirely new elementary staff, we have new kindergarten, 1st grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, P. E., and a new Elementary principal. So far things are going really well and we all seem to be working well together . . . your prayers are needed here to assure that we connect as a team and that we have god work relationships. Thanks in advance for your prayers.

On the home front . . . Tobi and Betka are doing quite well. Tobi is still waking up periodically during the night but he almost always goes right back to sleep after a routine feeding and/or diaper changing. He is absolutely adorable and if I may say so looks very grown up for only a 3 week old! His many faces are amazing!:) We do not have pictures to post right now but will very soon . . .whenever I have a bit of extra time to spare.

One special prayer is for me during these first couple of weeks. Because of the construction as I stated before I do not have my room ready and will be traveling from classroom to classroom the first 2 weeks or so to teach art. I am not a flexible person at heart and this is really hard for me to not really have a place, or computer at school to set my things, to sort of get "organized" for the start of school. Please pray for me to have a really awesome attitude about something thats really hard for me, and that I might be an encouragement to those around me. There are definitely some teachers that have it worse off . . . some rooms will not be usable until mid-October!!! We really do live off of your prayers and they are greatly appreciated.

Until next time . . . Tschuss!:)


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Back home!

Hey all,

We are finally back home as of this Monday at noon. Thus starts the long process of not only Tobi's getting used to "home" but also getting used to the changes having Tobi around 24/7. The following are a list of things that I (Brian) think were things I did not expect or was taken a little by surprise and/or things I have learned first hand . . .I mean everyone tells you that it is hard, but really you aren't actually ever ready for it.

The List
1.) Never in my life have I considered sleeping from midnight until 5AM a good night sleep!

2.) I never knew where some of the elevators out in public were until now. (We use them all for the stroller . . . its easier than the escalators.)

3.) Never play too roughly with your baby right after he/she has eaten . . . it never ends up well . . .just ends up on your shirt.

4.) at least for little boys . . . ALWAYS COVER!

5.) The last one for now . . . It really helps to pray before saying goodnight to your son/daughter . . . two of the last 3 nights have been really good. We prayed before the two good nights. Thats just solid evidence.

Everything is going very well. Betka and I are learning alot about parenting a newborn and at times it feels as though our heads will explode, but so far they are both still intact.

The community here in Vienna is really great at helping us out. We have a meal every other day prepared by someone from VCS and lots of people always tell us that they are there if we ever need anything. We are very thankful that the Lord has placed us in such a special place. Now that Tobi is working on his 10th day of life we are looking forward to the next few weeks when we have some visitors coming. This Saturday my mother will be coming to Vienna for a week to meet her first grandchild. We are REALLY looking forward to having another person with us and just really looking forward to just being with her. Its been a while since we could just be together for the sake of being together and we are really looking forward to it.

Then at the end of August my cousin Jessica will be staying with us. We look forward to her visit as well. If any of you out there find yourselves in Vienna we would love to meet up. Just email us and we'll be in touch.

Anyway . . . we'll update later with more pictures but for now . . .God bless and keep you . . .

Friday, August 01, 2008

Mother and Baby update . . .

Hey all,

I have been trying to get this update posted now all day and haven't been able to due to baby burping duty and other fatherly chores while I am here in the hospital.

Betka and Tobi are doing really well. The doctor has given her the go ahead to leave whenever she wants to, but we are waiting until through the weekend until we leave because we want to make sure that breast feeding is going well and that we have learned all we need to in order to take care of Tobi.

Here are some "fresh" pics.

Above: This is my favorite picture from when he just woke up. He is so funny looking like this.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome Tobias Martin Reynolds . . . .

He's finally here! Tobias "Tobi" Martin Reynolds was born on Monday, July 28th, 2008 @ 12:01PM Vienna time at Goldenes Kreuz Privat Klinik in Vienna, Austria. He weighed in at 3480 grams/7.6 lbs. and was 50cm/19.6 inches long. We are very very very honored and blessed to share his first photos with you all. Enjoy!

Below: This picture was less than 2 minutes after he was taken out by C-section. He seems to be saying . . ."Hello World!" :)

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Brian, Betka, & Tobi Reynolds in Wien