Monday, December 17, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane . . .

Hey all,

Just thought I would give a quick update as to what life is like here at little ole Vienna Christian School the week before our Christmas break.

Truth be told we are enjoying the Holiday season, but not without our own stress. VCS runs on an academic schedule that means students take finals before Christmas but there is still a week and a half after break that is included in the first semester. For my elementary classes this doesn't mean anything but for my 8th grade classes it means that we are not fully done before break although the students seem to act like it is the end. So as you can probably imagine things get pretty hectic here. High school has final exams this week and the whole school has a half day on Thursday and we fly out to the U.S. on Friday morning early.

When trying to figure out how to get to the airport in Vienna Betka and I realized that there were many others from VCS flying out the same morning so we got together and found someone to drive us out to the airport. So, in order to accommodate the earliest flier we are leaving at 4:15am for the airport. Should be an early morning, let me tell you!:) So Betka and I are going to go to bed early on Thursday night and make sure we are packed ahead of time so we can just take our bags and go meet our driver.

Some of you might wonder . . .are we both excited to be home and the honest truth is yes, we are but we are also anxious about it as well. The source of our anxiety is not only my father's health, which is outstanding given the circumstances, but also our current financial situation in Vienna. To be honest the outlook right now on our support level is that we don't have enough monthly support. As it stands right now we would continue to go into the negative throughout this year. Our monthly salary, right now, is supposed to be at least $1550 monthly due to Visa requirements in Austria. My current salary is set at $1400 and I can raise that as soon as we have enough funds to support it. The amount of $1550 monthly is income that the Austrian government requires for a single person to obtain a visa to live here. Because of the situation that Betka and I are in it is a little different than most couples at VCS but it is still a dire situation. Since Betka is an European Union citizen she is allowed to only live in Austria. Therefor we only have to raise support for one of us, but she supplements our income by teaching violin and piano lessons which, if you would like to be extremely technical, is actually illegal. If she ever became unable to teach lessons we would not be able to stay in Vienna without first raising our support level. So that said we are constantly on the look out for others that might be interested in supporting us in ministry in Wien at VCS. If you know someone or a church that wants to find a missionary to support please LET US KNOW!!!:)

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about us or our ministry. Our upcoming trip to the U.S. is mainly to visit family but we would also like to raise some more support on our trip as well. Please join with us in praying for more financial support for us as a missionary family this holiday season. We are very much looking forward to "being home" and sharing our lives with you all. Be blessed this day.

In Christ,
Brian & Betka

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