Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Very Scary Halloween"

The first weekend in November we went to a "Halloween" party which was really just and excuse to dress funny and attend a get-together with other VCSers. It was entitled "Very Scary Halloween Party". It was a fun time of food and fellowship and activities that centered not around the "spirit of Halloween", but the theme of "scariness". The two women that put it together were very creative with what they had to offer. The distorted pictures are from my friend's Sara's mac computer that had a program that did that.

Above: Betka and I went as Boris and Natasya, a Russian couple. Our story was that Boris immigrated to Russia from Sweden and that he met Natasya who has Gypsy blood and instantly fell in love and were married in red square. Boris however was unable to shed his viking roots and that is the reason for his cap which he has had for ages. The real story is that I dressed as a viking because it was all I had to wear and Betka was a gypsy for the same reason. My awesome beard is actually my wife's mascara lathered upon my chinny chin chin. We look wonderful!:)

Below: Distoted pic of Boris, AKA Brian.

Above: Sweet Natasya made of rubber.


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Anonymous said...

You (insert favorite HU nickname)-type people get waaay to creative at times (:

Bwaahahaha cool!