Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pictures coming . . .

Hey there everyone!

If you have been reading along with us you might notice that recently we haven't had many of our own pictures to share. That is mainly due to the fact that we haven't been taking any due to our camera being broken. Fortunately we were able to borrow a camera from a fellow teacher so you will see a few more pictures of Betka and I doing what we usually do here in Vienna.

Life keeps going here in Wien. This morning Betka and I arrived at school earlier than usual, 7:30 to prepare to lead staff worship from 7:50-8:10. Last night we had our weekly Bible study with 7 of our colleagues and friends in attendance. It was a wonderful time enjoyed by all but needless-to-say Betka and I were a little tired this morning. Whenever I am tired I tend to not be as joyous in "service" as I could be. I found myself thinking "Whew, I'm glad that's over (worship)." That thought then sickened me right thereafter and it hit me that this is my attitude for many things. Although I really am blessed to be serving here it is just really hard for me to be peppy and joyous everyday. Doesn't God's word tell us that we need to be joyful in all situations? I am finding that I have to continually ask the Lord to make me feel joyous because on days like today it is just downright hard to "feel" joyous. Please pray for me (Brian) as this is something I want to change but really need Jesus' help to do so. Leading worship shouldn't be a burden to me but a joy to do once every month.

In other personal news . . .my friend Thomas and I are restarting our training for the Vienna City Half Marathon 2008. Exactly 5 months from today we will attempt to improve our personal times for the run from last year. I'll have to beat 2 hours and 14 minutes. It was a joy to restart running with Thomas as it provides a vent for both of us. Its a great guy time together almost in a fellowship together. I'm looking forward to many more "training runs".

So yeah . . .until we have more pictures, please continue to have us in your prayers to stay strong in the Lord. It seems it is so much easier for the enemy to get a hold of missionaries and we constantly need prayer warriors fighting on our behalf against the enemy. Thank you for your prayers in advance.

Yours in Christ,
Brian and Betka

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