Monday, October 22, 2007

Another update . . .

Hey everyone! :)

The Reynolds household here in Wien has been pretty ill the past week and a half. First Betka had Tonsillitis and then I got a cold from that, a really bad cold. Anyway . . . we are getting over that and I am beginning to get better, Betka is practically back to normal, and we are surging ahead towards the end of our first school quarter and our fall break.

A few things that have happened the last few weeks are Spiritual Emphasis Week and fall festival . . .the following pictures are from that fun-filled time. They might also be the reason that my body protests and why we are ill now. Guess its just part of the game! :)

Above: Betka and I volunteered to paint faces for Fall festival a time where families can come and get exposed to the school and have a great time. Its also the fall choir concert as well.

Below: The staff and 8th graders took on the high school boys soccer team in a fight to the finish soccer match . . .yeah . . .the boys were faster . . .they killed us . . .3-0!!!! :( But it was tons of fun! :) Pardon the blurry pictures I was running really fast and the camera couldn't keep up! Hahaha.

I am not in the group picture because I left early for Bible study.

Below: Our team that came to serve the students for S.E.W. were very effective not really with the message that they brought but by the wonderful ways that they related to the student body here at VCS. The things that they stirred in the secondary school is still being dealt with today in classes. Since that week we have had one sophomore girl come to know Christ, and there is rumors of another guy getting close as well. Praise God that this week impacted kids so much! :)

So yeah another month, October, is coming to a close in this school year and its amazing what the Lord allows us to do here. November 2nd will be our first meeting for 6th Grade Fellowship. We will have the 6th graders over for Betka's birthday party and have an evening of fun and fellowship. We are really looking forward to getting to know our students outside of class! Please continue to pray for us as we find more ways to do that. God bless you all for your part in supporting us in finances and prayer. Without you all we would not be able to do all of this. Be blessed! :)

In Vienna,
Brian and Betka

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