Monday, October 22, 2007

Another update . . .

Hey everyone! :)

The Reynolds household here in Wien has been pretty ill the past week and a half. First Betka had Tonsillitis and then I got a cold from that, a really bad cold. Anyway . . . we are getting over that and I am beginning to get better, Betka is practically back to normal, and we are surging ahead towards the end of our first school quarter and our fall break.

A few things that have happened the last few weeks are Spiritual Emphasis Week and fall festival . . .the following pictures are from that fun-filled time. They might also be the reason that my body protests and why we are ill now. Guess its just part of the game! :)

Above: Betka and I volunteered to paint faces for Fall festival a time where families can come and get exposed to the school and have a great time. Its also the fall choir concert as well.

Below: The staff and 8th graders took on the high school boys soccer team in a fight to the finish soccer match . . .yeah . . .the boys were faster . . .they killed us . . .3-0!!!! :( But it was tons of fun! :) Pardon the blurry pictures I was running really fast and the camera couldn't keep up! Hahaha.

I am not in the group picture because I left early for Bible study.

Below: Our team that came to serve the students for S.E.W. were very effective not really with the message that they brought but by the wonderful ways that they related to the student body here at VCS. The things that they stirred in the secondary school is still being dealt with today in classes. Since that week we have had one sophomore girl come to know Christ, and there is rumors of another guy getting close as well. Praise God that this week impacted kids so much! :)

So yeah another month, October, is coming to a close in this school year and its amazing what the Lord allows us to do here. November 2nd will be our first meeting for 6th Grade Fellowship. We will have the 6th graders over for Betka's birthday party and have an evening of fun and fellowship. We are really looking forward to getting to know our students outside of class! Please continue to pray for us as we find more ways to do that. God bless you all for your part in supporting us in finances and prayer. Without you all we would not be able to do all of this. Be blessed! :)

In Vienna,
Brian and Betka

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We're coming for Christmas!!!!!

Hey good news everyone that was praying that we would
be able to be in the States for Christmas . . .

I (Brian) purchased the tickets this morning
(evening for most of you). Our itinerary is as follows:

--------- ------------ --------- -------- -------
Flight OS 0625





So as we are planning right now we will be in the
United States from December 21st 2007 until
January 6th, 2008. This trip is mainly to visit
family and especially my father, but we are also
looking forward to visiting our supporters and their
churches. Please let us know if you would like to
meet with us so that we can schedule times to
hopefully meet with each of you that want to.
We would love to see you all while we are back,
but it is a very short time and will be very busy.
So Lord willing, we'll see
you in a couple of months! :)

In His grip in Wien,
Brian and Betka

Friday, October 12, 2007

Our God is a great big God . . .

"Our God is a great big God, our God is a great big God, our God is a great big God . . . and He holds us in his hands . . ."

Those are words from a song that our kids sing in elementary chapel and they are so very true . . .Betka and I have been experiencing that first had this past week as we have seen the Lord work in "Big" ways in our life. We are starting to see a little bit of direction as to where we should be going after this year and it looks like we are leaning towards staying here, but the FINAL DECISION has NOT BEEN MADE YET.

In regards to whether or not we will be returning to the States for Christmas and New Year's . . .it seems that the Lord might be bringing in the funds. We had a colleague contribute to getting us back, and have had some good responses from others as well. We hope to get the tickets ASAP, meaning as soon as we have the funds. We're getting there, almost halfway and it has really only been a week since we first made it known of the need. Praise the Lord for how He is bigger than this whole thing and that He offers immense peace in all situations. Thanks to all of you that are contributing to help make this happen. We will update when we have the funds and order the tickets. May all of you receive a special blessing this day for your acts of faith.

B & B

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Spiritual Emphasis Week 2007 . . .

Hey there again everyone!

I just thought I would let all of you prayer warriors back home know that this week is our secondary school's Spiritual Emphasis week. A team of three from Lubbock, TX have come for the week to minister to our students in a new and refreshing way. Duke, Joel, and Mary Anne are driving the gospel message in this week with messages every day as well as spending the rest of their time visiting students' classes and hanging out with the kids. Yesterday the high school soccer team played the staff in a re-match of last spring's first annual student/staff soccer match in which your truly (Brian) played. We got really pumped to be out there and played clad in old VCS soccer jerseys from way back. Unfortunately the high school guys outmatched us in speed and finesse and knocked us off 3-0, but a fun time was had by all. One of the Spritiual Emphasis Week guys played as a staff member and was a real help to us. Its wonderful all of the awesome mentoring/relational ministry time that one has here at Vienna Christian School. This coming Sunday at 3 we will have a staff/student mixed game of ultimate frisbee. Please pray for us as we continue to find new and innovative ways to reach our students for Christ. Especially this week pray for the SEW team that they might reach the hearts of these kids and that our students might respond positively to these "strangers". We believe that it is the Lord's will to save some of our students this week and with your prayers it is possible. To God be the glory! :)

God bless ya'll!
Brian & Betka

Friday, October 05, 2007

And the wheel keeps turnin' . . .

Hey everyone.

Just another quick note for the end of this very eventful week . . .

Betka and I fasted on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week to really seek after the Lord as to what He wants for us to decide in each of the aforementioned things and we are beginning to see clearly what He wants us to do. We have really just been seeing that He wants us to rest in Him and trust in His provision. As the husband and head of the household I tend to want to take control of things and while in some situations that is a needed thing most of the time that desire can result in worry and stressing out which, I have come to learn, is the exact opposite of faith. So right now at the end of this week I am relaxed and trusting in the Lord to help us in this and I realize that He will make things work out for good and that He has nothing but the best in mind for us. So even though the Lord hasn't told us exactly what to do right now, I have peace trusting in the One that created us and this amazing universe.

Thats said, we are trying to get all of our supporters and friends and family totally updated on where we are in this process in seeking the Lord's will in our lives. It is a life long process and one I believe that we should never stop seeking from Him. He can re-direct us at any time.

Currently with the possible trip home over Christmas and New Year's Betka and I are of the mind that if the Lord wants us to go that we will have the funds above and beyond the monthly support that we have to be here. If you want to see us this holiday season and feel that the Lord is urging you to help us get back, please send the money to RCE with a separate note saying that you would like it to be set aside for airfare. If we don't have enough for airfare to return for this holiday we will save it and use it for next summer when we planned on being back anyway.

As for the decision of whether or not to stay at VCS into the future we are still not totally sure of our decision. Vienna Christian School is stepping out in faith and the board has decided that if a staff member would commit to 4 years at the school that they would offer many more benefits than they currently do. So as we are thoughtfully praying about the decision of staying or not we are thinking if we stay we would stay for 4 years or we would leave after this year. Please keep us in your prayers as this is quite possibly the biggest decision of my life next to the decision to get married. Thank you in advance for standing with us in prayer for this decision.

Currently Betka and I are enjoying and always standing in awe of how the Lord is using us in this school setting. It seems to fit us like a glove. We are having a blast getting to know these kids. The picture below is of the middle school praise band. All of the kids I have in class and Betka has a few in her music lessons. The 4 girls on the right are in my 6th grade homeroom and the girl on the left and the two guys in back are in my 8th grade art classes. Betka teaches violin to the girl on the right. We are really excited about getting to know the kids better this year and possibly even a few years into the future. Thanks for helping us be able to be here ministering to them.

Thanks again for your prayers and support. We love ya'll! :)

Betka and Brian Reynolds