Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Update . . .

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to update here right after experiencing our 2007 staff retreat here at Vienna Christian School. It went amazingly well. The worship was really well planned and really touched some hearts, the small groups with peers was very valuable. I learned that I am encouraging to those around me and that I appear to have a real joy for life. It was just a very great time overall. Below are some pictures and a video from the event. Enjoy!

Just as an update as to what Betka and I are planning for the future . . .

*Holiday U.S. Run?-We are thinking about returning to the US for Christmas and New Year's because it is urgent that I spend this holiday with my family. If you want more information please contact me by email.

*Future Planning- We aren't sure where the Lord is leading us to be the year after this one. We are really happy here but the financial situation is always really tough with the economy here doing so well and the value of the dollar so low. We are exploring other opportunities including the Christian School in Prague, and job opportunities in the States. The job in Prague would still be a missionary support salary-type job and we would still need support. THIS IS NOT FOR CERTAIN JUST PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR DECISION MAKING. The Lord's will be done.

*6th Grade Fellowship- We are planning on having the 6th grade class her at VCS over for a game/fellowship evening at our apartment. Please pray about how you can help us in this endeavor. One thing that we need is this . . .STRATEGY GAMES< FUN GAMES< CARD GAMES, WHATEVER GAMES YOU HAVE AND DON'T NEED. Send them to us so we can bless these kids through board games.

*Keep on praying for us- We continue to "live life here" in Vienna. That entails many things to do ministry effectively and to remain focused on what we should. Please feel free to email and ask what we need specific prayer for at the time. We love encouraging emails. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

Love all of you! :)

Brian & Betka

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