Thursday, September 20, 2007

Praise the Lord, He will be seeing another soul in heaven!!! :)

Hey there everyone! :)
I received this email today and it is an example of why our school is so amazing and how the Lord works so wonderfully through our staff and students. This happened in 3rd grade class. The subject of the email was "Fishers of men" in this case a little boy from India named Navish . . .

Just wanted to let you know that one more' has been caught for Jesus!!! This week in 3rd grade we're learning about Mark 1:17 and being fishers of men. Yesterday in class we made paper fish and wrote the names of people that we want to "catch for Jesus." One of my students put his name on his own fish. Today he and I had lunch together and I asked him why he wrote his own name,"Because I want to be caught for Jesus!" Whoohoooo!!!! This precious soul comes from a Buddhist background. We discussed what it means to be a follower of Jesus and he said that he was ready to make that decision and ask Jesus in his heart. I was privileged to lead him in prayer. Whoohooo!!!! Rejoice with the angels and me and congratulate Navish for making the biggest decision of his life.

So in a nutshell thats why we are here at VCS, Betka and I. We rejoice with this teacher that Navish has come to know the Lord and pray that each day will bring us other opportunities to share the gospel with our students. Thank you for supporting us as we seek to help make this happen more often. Rejoice with us, another child has chosen life. :) Please continue to pray for us and him and the rest of the students here at VCS. Blessings ya'll! :)

Brian and Betka

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admo said...

That is sooo awesome! It's great to hear about what you guys are doing over there with the kids.