Saturday, June 23, 2007

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Brian Reynolds . . .

Hey there ya'll! :)

We, thats right, we, Betka and I thought we would update you all as to how life is right now for us. Thank you for those of you that keep us accountable on this blog thingy. The main reason why we haven't updated in a while is because the last three weeks have been insane. The first week my whole family was here was the week after my bachelor party in Munich with my buddies from VCS and my brother Chris and the last week of school and my last week of "freedom" as some put it. Despite the craziness I and Betka are really happy and getting by with God's grace. Thank you all for your continued support and well wishes. They are greatly appreciated. Many things in our lives have changed and we are looking forward to yhet more changes. This road of life that we have embarked on together is going to be an awesome ride trusting in Jesus all the time.

So . . . because the past few weeks have been a blur so I will post some pics to give you all a little better idea of what we have been experiencing the past few weeks. First the Bachelor Party put on by my best man and brother, Chris Reynolds. Thanks bro, it was great! :)

Above Left: My initiation as we left Vienna for Munich involved a ski mask and pantyhose you can use your imagination. Above Right: One of the outrageous tolls on our route to Munich (west) by going almost directly south first (just ask our driver if you are a little puzzled I was too). Below Left: We got a little bored on the long van ride there alright? Below Middle: A little creative parking to gas up. Below Right: 1, 2, 3, skip! Alpine lakes rule!

Above left: A view from the van on "the scenic route". It was awesome! Above right: I love the Alps. Below left: A group pic of the guys in attendance. Thanks to you all this was a bachelor party to be remembered for a lifetime. Thank you all. Below right: Thanks Chris. You did a wonderful job as my best man! :)

Now on to the wedding and the week leading up to it . . . It went really well and many of our friends and family were in attendance. Here are some pics from the festivities. Betka's father was very much responsible for everything going as they planned. He did a wonderful job. We even had our own cow slaughtered for the occasion. Sorry for you vegetarians out there. It was really good food though! :)

Above left: Right after the ceremony up on the altar. Middle: On the steps of the chapel on our "picture taking walk". Right: In the greenhouse connected to the chapel where we were married in Lednice. Below: Posed pics in the greenhouse. It had to be over 100 degrees in there! :)

Well, thats it for now. Betka and I are getting ready for our Stateside run. We hope to see you all there. Blessings! :)

B & B, Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds

P.S. We will post more pics at a later date. God bless! :)

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Ruth said...


Thanks for the update. Renata takes fantastic pictures! She is a blessing. :)
Only a few days until you and Betka arrive in the States. I am excited to see you both in Bourbonnais.
Have a safe flight.
Love you both, Mom