Friday, May 11, 2007

Visa . . .VISA?!

Hey everybody!

I thought I would take a short moment here before class, (I have 2nd grade, then 1st grade, then 6th grade, and 1st and 6th will overlap for 7 minutes) to let you know where I am personally in the Visa process. Now I know that I have not written anything about it before, mainly because I really don't understand the whole process. All I can say is that the Lord has placed some really amazing people here at VCS to help me out with this process that is really really frustrating at times.

****If you want to read what was here just email me and I can fill you in****

On another note . . . our school was blessed with new tables yesterday and they make their usage debut today at elementary lunch. Up until now we have always had these little tables with individual chairs and each table seats four. Now we have less tables but each one seats 6 people, they have little attached stools and they can be taken up and down fairly easily. They fold up to create space for the P.E. classes to have more options inside. Another Praise!

God is good don't you know it!? I must apologize to some of you if my blog entry sounded very depressed and that made you worry. At that time I was going through a low time, but Jesus has brought me out of it and praise be to Him for His amazing grace through everything! :) God bless you, my wonderful supporters. Please continue to be in prayer for the rest of the staff as they are continuing to go through the hoop jumping required to "be legal" in Austria. Also keep in mind that while it looks really good that I will get my visa, there can still be road blocks. Thank you so much in advance for your prayers. May the Lord bless you as you continue to support me in prayer and support. Blessings! :)


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