Monday, May 21, 2007

Today was a wonderful day, God is good.

Hey all,

Today went really really well. I went through my classes like normal and they went alright, I could just tell that today was a really blessed day and I will tell you why in a bit.

On Friday Betka came with her dad to move all of her things in. We figured that it will be better that way so we don't have to do it later after the wedding. Right now she is living in Lednice with her family, and traveling just about every other day to Brno for Auto Skola (Driver's ed). She left just enough clothes for about a week back in Lednice but moved everything else to home. The next couple weeks for her are not only a countdown to the beginning of life with me, but also the last few weeks that she can spend with her family. I am trying to be a good fiancee and allow her as much time as possible to spend with them. I believe that the slow separation of child and family is going well for her.

On Friday we met with Brian and Pearl Williams, our pre-marriage counselors, for ice cream and something else that I had told Betka was a surprise. Pearl had asked me what they do for women about to get married in Czech. I told her that it is similar to what they do in the States, they have a "shower", but I also told her that I wasn't sure that Betka was going to have something like that. Pearl suggested first that we have a shower for her, but since Betka is not always here in Wien, that wasn't a good idea. Pearl still wanted to do something so she suggested that she send around a card to all the "VCS Gals" and ask for donations for an IKEA gift certificate. When we met for ice cream Betka was gifted with a 110 Euro gift certificate to IKEA from the VCS Gals. She was really excited and we have already begun planning how to spend it. I am sure that Betka will have our apartment looking splendid not long after our wedding. IKEA is such a cool place and it is wonderful to have some money to spend on things we need. Pearl took this picture with my cell phone right before she gave Betka the card.

We were in the rose garden of Volksgarten in downtown Vienna. It was really beautiful.

Today was particularly blessed because of Betka's presence here at school. She stuck around because she doesn't need to be in Brno until tomorrow and we wanted to meet with Ken to talk about what Betka could do to be a part of the VCS community next year, how she could help. So we discussed and came up with some very good possibilities. I will write more about that as they become more solid. Please pray for our director Ken Norman as he and others on staff prayerfully decide where the Lord can use her the most. I am so psyched for next school year! :)

Thanks for your continued prayer and financial support. I can almost feel your excitement as I am typing this. Love you all.


Brian and Betka

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