Monday, May 14, 2007

Perfect example of how this school impacts the kids . . .

Our elementary principal sent out an email today to the elementary teachers about two of our former students from Nigeria that left a few months ago. He received an email from their dad. Here is the email text with *names changed to keep their privacy.

As you know the Jarda boys are in Nigeria now and Mr. Jarda recently talked
with them. They really miss VCS and wanted to say hi to all of the teachers
and kids at VCS.

It is amazing that Alan misses VCS and stunning that the Jarda's appreciate
VCS so much. They were very hesitant about sending the boys here and Alan
was quite unhappy here at times. It is a tremendous testimony to what we do
at this school, that this Muslim family has such a high regard for VCS.

The Jarda's are a great example of the mission of this school. This family's
opinion of VCS, of Christians and of Christ has been changed through your
investment in their kids.

Thank you for keeping me here so I can continue to "investment" in their lives. Thank you for making your own investments into their lives. It will definitely be remembered in heaven.
Blessings ya'll! :)


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